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Why has a moderator deleted this very good and informative post? [duplicate]

What's wrong with the following post? It's the most informative one among the other answers. I tried to vote to undelete it but it says that: A ...
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At what point is plagiarism an actionable offense? [duplicate]

I came upon a user yesterday that posted an answer that was plagiarized verbatim from another SO user without attribution. I then looked at several other answers from that user and discovered that ...
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Voting rings - how to handle organized groups upvoting each other?

I'm referencing what these three users are doing: See their profiles, they're answering each ...
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Is there anything appropriate community members can do, to lift another users penalty box ban?

I came across noticing that @lpapp was banned now for a whole year, and I'm pretty concerned about this. I couldn't see any rude comments or abusive usage of the trusted user tools when skimming ...
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Is there any automation to detect/stop shill behaviour?

I haven't been very active on Stack Overflow lately, because I've been travelling, but now after one night back there I've already been bugged by an issue which really grated my nerves the last ...
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I've been (falsely, in my opinion) accused of plagiarism. Some guidelines

I commented on this question, and, since the OP asked me, I gave him an answer. The code I used comes from a library I made, years ago. I translated it to VB.NET (from C#), prepared, and posted it. ...
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What does Stack Overflow mean by plagiarism?

I have seen this post, and it really caught my interest. How does one plagiarise someone's work on SO? I mean, if the question was posted here and a solution was found, why would one ask it again? I ...
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Meta, I have a problem. Should I call for you or is a moderator flag enough?

While cruising the suggested edits queue, I arrived at this answer So what's the problem (let's leave aside that it's answering how to add 1 day and not 1 month as asked in the question (that's a ...
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Recurring problem with copy pasting

I've recently asked the question about the situation when some guys copy solutions and code from other developer's answers. And the answer was to downvote and to call a moderator. I've tried to do ...
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copy/pasting an answer from a different website with citing

I was hoping we could clarify some policy pertaining to finding an answer on another website. I was somewhat recently downvoted for copy/pasting an answer for someone with including a citation for the ...
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Copy paste from a msdn Blog [duplicate]

Reading an old question, I found an answer that has 2.5% difference with a 4000char msdn post. But with a reference at the end of the copy past( the 2.5% is the link ). I have try to find the ...