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How do I remove an image completely from a posted question? [duplicate]

I have posted a question "How do I use serialEvent() in a Processing language program?" and originally included an image, not realising immediately that it contains the precise GPS co-ordinates of my ...
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Is it against the rules to post login credentials in a question? [duplicate]

I came across this question where the author posted the login credentials to a website he/she wants to replicate. It doesn't feel right to have someones login credentials in the question, but I don't ...
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How to review "redacted for privacy concerns"? [duplicate]

Going through the review queue for Suggested Edits I have stumbled upon a curious comment to this suggested edit: boss made me take out items with names showing. To my understanding of the SO ...
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Presumably the owner of an API wants to remove a private key from the question [duplicate]

While I was going through suggested edits, I've come up with this question. In the edit, a key is removed from the source in the question by the editor and she said that she is the owner of an api and ...
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Deleting Image from revision history or a version of revision history [duplicate]

How to delete an image from the revision history so that it is not visible to the future users? In case I mistakenly posted an image containing vital information and I changed that image later, the ...
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How to handle a publicly posted API key (or password, or other sensitive information)

Take this revision and all earlier revisions of the question as an example. The user posted his API key publicly in the question. Talking about this matter in general, what is the correct behaviour ...
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Should revisions that contain credentials be deleted?

We see quite a lot of flags like: Revision 1 contained real credentials Up to now I've handled these by forwarding them to community managers or developers who have the power to permanently banish ...
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What is Stack Overflow's take on sensitive information?

A few days back I came across this question. Needless to mention it was a poorly researched one, but what struck me the most was that the OP has put some sensitive information about a kid, which, in ...
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Content from deleted questions still displaying in tooltip in flag summary

In one's flagged posts history, the tooltip displays content from deleted questions: As you can see, I don't have the required 10k rep needed to view deleted posts. I tagged this as a bug as I ...
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Automatically remove API keys from questions [duplicate]

Remove API keys automatically Over the last few days, I have had multiple questions that have included their API keys in their code. Perfect example: Just today I edited a post that had payment ...
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