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Why is this question protected although it doesn't have an answer? [duplicate]

The question is protected by Community. Why is this question protected? What's so special about it? The question doesn't have an accepted answer and really doesn't have a useful answer, so what is the ...
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Duplicate questions which are in the same quality, but only the newer one is protected [duplicate]

Please see these duplicate questions. The older one has asked in 2009-08-21. The newer one has asked in 2011-02-23. The Stack Overflow Community has managed to protect the newer question but not the ...
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I can't see an option to protect a question even though I have the privilege to do so

I apparently now have the privilege to protect questions on SO, gained very recently. I can't see where the button is to do this and when I searched, I found explanation of what it means but not how I ...
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Help me understand the cutoff for protecting questions

So I just got the 15k Protect Questions privilege, and I'm trying to understand when to use it. This question (screenshot) appeared in the LQP queue (I'm having this problem too!), and when I went to ...
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Automatic conversion to community wiki?

Recently I noticed an answer of mine had automatically been converted into a community wiki because I had edited it a bunch of times. Needless to say I'm not happy about this and feel it was unfair &...
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Why was this question protected?

Today I received notification that a comment had been added to an answer I provided several years ago. When I looked at the question, I saw that right after the comment was added, The question was ...
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What kind of questions should be protected?

I had crossed over 15k reps recently, and SO just gave me the rights to protect/unprotect questions. Now at this moment I wonder which questions should be protected and which one should not be? While ...
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Has the metric for protecting questions by Community‚ô¶ changed?

I am referring to the question: save pdf on server using pdfmake. It received 2 spam answers (one of the user accounts got deleted with the post). All the posts:1,2 as well as the blog suggests: 3 ...
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In what circumstances does Community User protect a question to prevent "thanks!", "me too!", or spam answers by new users?

In what circumstances did our Community User protect this question to prevent "thanks!", "me too!", or spam answers by new users? Python + Selenium: fill text input in the modal form I have checked ...
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Question protected by Community appears in Review Queue

I seem to be having bad luck with questions coming up in my review queues lately... The review item in question is this one: (now I'm having ...
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How to deal with random use jQuery solutions that do not address the question in need?

So I was just browsing the JavaScript tag and edited this question: How to show hidden div after hitting submit button in form? Right of the bat jQuery solutions popped in, in comments and as ...
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Is it hard to auto-identify which questions to protect? Is the ability used very rarely? [duplicate]

Here's an example: Why was the statement (j++); forbidden? As a high rep (10k I think) user I can protect the question to block comments and answers from users with < 10 rep or anonymous users. I ...
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