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SO should automatically indent code [duplicate]

When I post an answer / question and I wanted to include code, I always have to press space 4 times. And when I press ENTER, I have to press space 4 times again. That is just annoying. I really want ...
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Editing posts containing code [duplicate]

Majority of the posts that are posted on SO contain code samples/snippets. Some of the code snippets are pretty lengthy. And users do not format the code properly. They require to be edited later like ...
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Stack Snippets being misused

Not long after the general introduction of Stack Snippets, there are already some posts that use them wrongly. Today I came across a question with a stack-snippet containing CasperJS code which is ...
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Markdown editor indent and outdent functionality

No tab key support It has been a while for me here on Stack Overflow, and from the beginning of my experience I've noticed something which still leaves a bad taste in my mouth when I create and edit ...
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People should get notified when answers to their questions are edited

I really think this is a good idea. I think there would be situations where a person asks a question, gets an answer and say "Oh that doesn't really help. I am gonna ignore that". But then ...
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Should questions with unnecessary Stack Snippets be edited?

Just looking at this question. I've seen a few questions in this format lately where new(er) users are using code snippets to format their questions rather than the traditional four space method. ...
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"JavaScript snippet"? But I use it for HTML and CSS as well!

Following on from various Meta posts about code snippets being misused (like this one and this other one), a few days ago the Code Snippet WYSIWYG button's title was changed from "Code snippet" to "...
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Stack Snippets and non-runnable code

Since the introduction of Stack Snippets, I've noticed them showing up frequently with non-runnable code. (I spend most of my time on the google-apps-script tag, which is a server-side js variant. I ...
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Should it be more obvious that stack snippets are only meant for HTML/CSS/JS?

Sometimes I see questions like one, two and three where a user unfamiliar with stack snippets pastes their C or C++ code into the stack snippet box. Now admittedly this doesn't happen very often, but ...
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Collapsible Code Markup

Background When answering questions on SO I generally like to ensure that my code is runnable by including sample data, so someone can copy, paste, and run it, seeing exactly what I'd proposed. ...
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Warning when snippet mark-up is used on posts not tagged with <...>

I've seen many questions where Java, SQL, etc. code was marked up using a snippet tool. In such cases we are presented with a more cluttered screen for no benefit at all. Since currently only HTML/...
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Integrate a real time code syntax tester

I wonder what your opinion is on the idea of integrating some kind of code syntax tester. This would greatly help in preventing syntax errors when we write code for a specific question.
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Could we update the link to the supported prettify language codes?

I've hit this for a few times and it's quite misleading. If you go to the Markdown help, there's this quote; please follow the link (which I made bold in this quote): You can use either one of the ...
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Option to format/beautify code, or automatically do so

Many of my edits on Stack Overflow are merely formatting improvements. Adding newlines and indents is what I do at night. However, I wonder if it's possible to automate the process. Especially people ...
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Replace code snippets by normal code block if JavaScript tag is absent

Some users (probably mostly new users) tend to use the "code snippet" tool for code in languages that aren't supported by Stack Snippets. Would it not make sense to disable the code snippets ...
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Using Code Snippet's JavaScript Tidy option to indent code of other languages

I've been using the JavaScript Tidy option in the Code Snippet popup to edit and indent code in Java posts. I far as I know it works perfectly fine with Java. Is it OK to do so? What other languages ...
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Auto indent new line within a code block

When you type a code, and you press enter, the new line should be filled with x*4 spaces or x tabs. It's not that comfortable to copy tabs/spaces from the previous line, or paste the code to notepad, ...
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Code Snippet as a formatting tool

Since the Stack Snippet is being misused, let us make it a feature! My proposal is to add a dropdown to select the language, and let people paste their code inside to format the code. The language ...
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Usability bug: “enter code here” may remain after clicking {} button

When editing a SO question or answer, a prominent {} button allows beginners to discover the possibility of formatting text as code. When some lines are selected, these lines are instantly formatted ...
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Add export-to-IDE functionality to Code Snippet editor

@ThomasOrozco recently posted asking for more feedback about Code and Stack Snippets: If you have more general feedback regarding Stack Snippets, or suggestions, please consider making it a ...
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Format the word automatically if the cursor is on the word

Most of the times I find that I've to code-ify a word. My natural instinct having experience in word processors is to do a Ctrl+K with the cursor on the word. But I'm met with "enter code here". This ...
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