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Should I report a bad "First Post" audit? [duplicate]

I'm fairly new to the review queues and just got hit with my first audit warning. Is it helpful/appropriate to report bad audits here, or is there some other action that should be taken? General ...
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2016 Stack Overflow Moderator Election Q&A - Question Collection

Stack Overflow is scheduled for an election starting next week, November 7th. In connection with that election, we will be hosting a Q&A here for candidates. This will be an opportunity for ...
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Suspended from reviewing based on questions that are just error messages

I have been suspended from reviewing for failing these review audits: On September 8: On September 22:
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Can anyone explain this Close Vote Review audit failure? [duplicate] I really don't even want to elaborate on the answer to how on Earth this could be a good audit example. I've been having some discussions off and on ...
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Is this voting fraud; or how to understand some [android] question's version of quality?

Some months ago I brought to light a very bad audit case originating from an Android question. In essence: a +8 question ended up in the review queue whereas it should have been downvoted and closed. ...
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Don't fail LQP review audits just for looking at the deletion popup

I've just failed a Low Quality Post review audit. I clicked "Recommend Deletion" but not to make a recommendation, only to read the deletion reasons description (I do this often, to confirm and ...
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Hostility level of communities within SO are varied. Can we make it better?

In Stack Overflow, I have entered different communities. What I mean by community is more like the tag given in a particular question. (python, ruby, etc.) Community hostility level are varied. Some ...
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Have I gotten too soft with close reviews?

I'm somewhat aware of strange voting patterns on Android questions, leading to very strange audits. This taught me a lot, the latter question made me be a bit less quick to close android questions. ...
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Is this question about an error in an IDE really good enough to be a review audit?

I was given an audit in Triage review today. I thought it over and decided it was debugging help. The question showed an error occurring while running an application; there was no code. I don't ...
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Failed audit on question that lacks a question

I recently failed an audit on this question: I have recently updated android studio from 2.2.3 to 2.3 and now can't see option of Launch Standalone SDK Manager as it is useful to check updated of ...
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