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What happened to review bans?

Over the past few weeks, I've noticed that audits are showing up more frequently, but that the consequences are not as severe. This may just be me (there are those who swear that this doesn't happen ...
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Failed close audit and I don't understand why [duplicate]

I just failed this audit (I voted to close it). Here's the question. Frankly I don't understand why this should be a good question. It's basically a short description of the problem with "give me teh ...
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How is this question a proper candidate for a close vote audit? [duplicate]

I failed an audit on close votes queue for the following question: Finding minimal subset of columns that make rows in a matrix unique Even though it's tagged with optimization the question does not ...
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Failed close review audit - how was this poor question chosen? [duplicate]

I came across what is in my option, a poorly composed question: Facebook Messenger Bot config issue during review. I am surprised this question drew upvotes, it's more or less summed up as "what is ...
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Failed audit due to downvote for lack of research effort [duplicate]

I recently failed a review audit with this question: how to print 3x3 array in python? It is a well formatted question that I downvoted because it showed no research effort. I thought votes were ...
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Self-answered question audit [duplicate]

Another failed audit: Please remind, that the answers cannot be seen on audits. In this case, the question was answered by the poster himself. Indeed, ...
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Failed audit review on an opinion based question [duplicate]

The review in question: I flagged what seems to me to be a question that kind of borderlines between an opinion based question, and a ...
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Why are there such bad review audits? [duplicate]

I had this question as a review audit. The question is super-short and without much explanation. After a bit of inspection, I couldn't tell what he was asking and flagged it. Now I see what he was ...
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How should I get started reviewing the Late Answers and First Questions/ Answers Queues?

I've just gained 500 reputation and am thinking about doing my part in the First Questions, First Answers, and Late Answers queues. What are these queues for? What do I need to keep in mind to do a ...
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Why is this unclear question with no minimal reproducible example or error messages good?

So I just failed this audit and while I understand that once in a while bad question get in the audits and that steps are taken to improve this, I still may have missed something that could explain to ...
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Manual audit validation to create highly-reusable unambiguous audits

Summary I would like to suggest replacing the current system of algorithmically-selected one-off† audits with a process of feeding audit candidates from the current algorithm through a queue to select ...
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