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Dupe Hammer too powerful? [duplicate]

I see this quite often - people who have a gold badge on a tag may know a lot about the tag, but they still fall victim like any other person to thinking they can mind-read other people and close ...
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Gold badge users have too much power to close questions [duplicate]

In this question: gold badge user closed it very quickly for a wrong reason. It ...
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Duplicate question process is conceptually untenable [duplicate]

If a user asks a question and someone with a ton of rep comes along, thinking it's already been asked, they usually flag the question and close it. I don't know the exact stats on this but I would say ...
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Are high-reputation users answering fewer questions?

This recent answer posits that due to a hypothetical decline in "interesting" questions, a large number of high-reputation users have been decreasing their activity on the site, especially in the ...
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When did I get close-vote superpowers?

I just marked this question as a duplicate all by myself. I am not a moderator and I don't think this should be possible. Did I miss something?
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Only prohibit those who edited the tags from using the dupe hammer

I have a gold c++ badge but this question wasn't closed when I marked it as a duplicate. The OP had left out the language tag, and it was only added later by an edit. Looking closer, no less than ...
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Implement a vote-based warning system for potentially dangerous answers

A while back after running into a pretty scary and incredibly insecure answer, I started to think about the inadequacy involved in notifying others. Then, after reading the post, Mod seems to have ...
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What to do about hundreds of the same basic question?

For the umpteenth time someone asked the question "what does 'str object is not callable' mean?" with the tag [python]. This is a very common error for newbies, so it just gets asked over and over and ...
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Closing an old upvoted question as duplicate of new unvoted questions

I posted a question over seven years ago, and over the years it received a hundred upvotes, and also has an answer with a hundred upvotes. Today I received a message that the question was closed as ...
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Question getting closed for being a duplicate when it's not?

I had this question getting closed for being a duplicate. I don't consider it a duplicate at all. I wasn't asking what the N stands for in SQL but why is the Like operator not returning what I ...
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Another old, off-topic, popular question - can it be deleted?

I've previously approached this here with this question: The question I linked-to there, the "top" COBOL (and 2nd-top FORTRAN) question, is now gone. ...
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Extending the gold badge rights to further close vote reasons

The gold badge now allows the holder to have binding close votes on duplicates. It was discussed in here: When did I get close-vote superpowers? This is a nice thing for the site as well as ...
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Should any one person (or two) be able to close a question as a duplicate?

When a question is closed as a duplicate, you see this; Usually, I see multiple names here. However, a question I was looking at today was closed with only two names. Specifically, this one; Trying ...
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Is it valid for a gold tag badge holder to annul other users' votes?

This is very similar to the question Is it valid for a diamond moderator to use their powers to override the closing votes of other users, in order to reopen a question? My answer to that is yes, and ...
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