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Should I add code to my answer? [duplicate]

I just answered a question and I keep on asking myself should I have added example code. The user asked why his code was not doing what he expected. I added an answer explaining why his concept was ...
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Should I accept a "code-only" answer or an "explanation-only" answer? [duplicate]

I just posted a question describing a problem, asking an explanation why I face this problem, and also a piece of code to correct it. I had two answers, from two different users : The first explains ...
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Stack Overflow fatigue - has your usage / motivation dropped off?

I joined Stack Overflow during the private beta testing phase - I had the time of my life posting answers, asking questions, learning by reading other's questions. That was 2009. Over the last few ...
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Should we be teaching people to think for themselves?

Use xquery to read attributes and values starts: I've searched and searched but none of the solutions are specific enough to me So we've got someone here who is trying to do programming the way ...
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How to deal with unclear questions and their lightning-fast ("fastest gun in the west") answers?

I often come across (initially) low-quality questions, while I have a lot of questions for details, usually leaving them as comments (with the hint to edit, not to comment). Usually I come across ...
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Where's the new boatload of experts who can explain stuff to me like I'm five?

The sidebar showed me this question: So, suppose there is a list: list = ['a','b','c','d','e','a','b','c','a','b','c','d'] I want to arrange it in the following way: new_list = [['a','b','c','d','e']...
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Can we care a little more about quality instead of quantity, please?

Stack Overflow is about answers: answers -- truly brilliant, amazing, correct answers -- are as rare as pearls. Thus, questions are merely the sand that produces the pearl. The most brilliant ...
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Do I up-vote too much? [duplicate]

I have tried to see if this is a duplicate but couldn't find it which I was surprised by... I guess this is probably quite subjective but as a relatively new user I feel it's difficult to know ...
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To curate or to not curate - questions about code-only answers

There's ample evidence of previous discussions about Code-Only answers, which all reach the (reluctant?) consensus of code-only answers being acceptable (as in shouldn't be deleted), but up for ...
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Is it okay if I give an upvote to all the answers of my question?

I asked a question on Stack Overflow and I found that all the answers are good, and I learned from all of them. Is it okay to give an upvote to every answer? Or is that bad for some reason?
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Is it acceptable to vote down lazy answers that fix the problem?

If I see an answer like this: Try this ... OP's code copied with some minor fix and no explanation Is it acceptable to vote it down even if it fixes the problem? What is common practice amongst ...
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What's the best response to questions with multiple dupe-hammerable issues?

If a question can be answered by a duplicate, it should be closed as such. Simple. But what if the code in the question has multiple problems, each of which, if asked in a separate question (as they ...
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Some questions sneak under the radar?

Genuinely interested, why does this question not get flagged and closed, but instead up-voted and answered? Let alone the fact that there are several existing questions on this specific topic, the ...
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Is it wrong to make a more general answer when a previous answer had already answered the specific question?

I found this question which already has an accepted answer there. While it's true that my answer doesn't directly answer what's asked in the title, it's answering part of the title that could be the ...
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Down voting because of tagging mistake

I'm talking about this question. Someone removed its original tag vba and added other tag ( I replied according to VB.NET. Later, someone else changed the tag back how it was originally. My ...
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