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Why was this answer low quality? [duplicate]

Today, I was reviewing First Posts and came across an answer to review. Link: Answer from "Ruslan Shashkov" This answer is now deleted due to ...
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Is this user spamming by promoting their own library? [duplicate]

I've noticed that most of this user's answers reference their library. Their answers aren't very thorough either; they are typically in this format: Try my library AbacusUtil: code snippet... ...
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Why was an answer to the maven-jlink plugin which tells that a fork of the project can do what was wanted deleted? [duplicate]

I have a question about my Stack Overflow answer: Is there a way to add maven dependencies while using the maven-jlink-plugin? Why was my answer to the maven-jlink plugin which tells that an open-...
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Is anything spam anymore?

I recently flagged this answer as spam It's an ad for iPistis and (since that's not enough) doesn't disclose the author's obvious affiliation: This flag was declined stating: a moderator reviewed ...
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Is it OK to flood Stack Overflow with questions and answers about your own products? [duplicate]

Two users have been asking and answering each other's questions about two products in a stack developed as open source software by a company. Both users seem to work for this company. Is this OK?
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Post deleted by mods for "self promotion" : should I vote to "undelete" the post after complying?

I created an open-source Swift library for parsing PDF, after having faced the problem myself. I thought it would be useful to let people know about it, and so I replied to people asking for a good ...
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Linking to my own repository in the answers [duplicate]

I have a question about linking to my repository in my answers. Here's a situation. I'm top 2 answerer in the Laravel tag and top 1 in terms of number of answers. I'm saying this to show that I care ...
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Are answers with only links to libraries okay? [duplicate]

Preface This question is here to serve one of two purposes, and the community will decide which one it is: Correct how I am reviewing answers in the Low Quality Post review queue if my current ...
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How could I have better shared an open-source library that I wrote?

If I understand it correctly, the voting system should help reduce as much as possible the influence of the subjective opinions, leaving a mean estimate of the question/answer's quality made by the ...
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Why does Stack Overflow keep deleting stuff I post?

I had a huge problem to exchange encrypted messages between C# and JS and from what I read on Stack Overflow and other help pages (Microsoft, etc), a lot of other people seem to have the same problem. ...
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