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Add a "Flag Reviewer" button within the review queues

The Problem Consider the following reviews: Approval of plagiarism (source) Approval of plagiarism (source) Approval of plagiarism (source) Approval of answer being replaced with another Approval of ...
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What comment would help this edit get approved?

In this question: Javascript Reading only first value the OP wrote what the expected result is in the comments. I made an edit to include the comment so people won't need to go over all the comments ...
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Comment @reply to user of rejected edit

A user edited one of my posts. It was actually a good edit but was rejected by three people who didn't have experience in the tag. I would like to ping the user who made the edit. However, am I ...
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Giving feedback to inexperienced reviewers

I see lots of Meta posts from people who failed bad audits wanting to give feedback. This question not about that issue. Take this example: The ...
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Request for mod action against a user making lots of harmful backticking edits

This user: has been making lots of harmful edits that backtick random words or technology names. Disappointingly but unsurprisingly to anyone ...
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Reviewers Disagreeing about Reviews

TLDR What procedures are recommended when disagreeing with a another user's review? forgive me if there is a dup case study I have a ping that leads me to this question and the comment below: ...
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How can a user with 50 rep mess up an accepted answer?

We can use this example. It's very hard for me to understand how a user with rep < 100 can edit an answer which was already accepted. Moreover, he messed up the answer and it went through the ...
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Was this rollback edit suggestion appropriate?

Yesterday I answered this question. Last night the OP edited the question to include the working solution, so this morning I suggested this edit that rolled back the change. My comment on the ...
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Pointless edits ... how to give feedback?

I find myself recently rejecting a LOT of edits just because they don't improve the initial post whatsoever. They do no harm either, but they are just pointless. Is there some automatic feedback about ...
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Approved suggested edit that breaks the original answer

One of my answers has been edited (approved by suggested edits review), but the edit turns a valid response to an erroneous one. I've just edited it to revert to the original answer. Do approvers and ...
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Add an inbox notification for rejected edits

I would love to see an inbox notification for suggested edits which are rejected, similar to "comment" notifications but with the title of "rejected edit" and the reason in the ...
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Require X approved suggested edits before gaining Edit privilege

Prompted by this meta question, I've read up on the Edit privilege (from here on referred to as sudo edit). I understand this is a privilege that is earned by gaining 2,000 reputation on the site. ...
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Is my assessment of this edit suggestion fair?

I rejected this edit suggestion earlier, but it has been approved 3:2: The scattergun use of code formatting alone should have been enough to reject in my opinion, but was I wrong to think that? The ...
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How to handle accusation of plagiarism by a Tag-Wiki edit reviewer

I added some usage guidelines to yaml in this suggested edit. One of the reviewers did see this as plagiarism and rejected on the basis of This edit copies a significant amount of content from an ...
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