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Is the new "marry whomever you want" title image out of place?

There are a lot of current events and social issues taking place in the world. Is it a good idea for Stack Overflow to become politically active, especially for events that have nothing related to ...
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Remember when you promised not to imply that I support your political message? [closed]

Before dismissing this as a "spurious interpretation", please consider that these license restrictions are the same ones that protect our names and technical content from being used on sites ...
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Alert me when the fun starts!

I would like some kind of notification when a good question gets started on meta. When I noticed that I just had missed this wonderful party, I was devastated. You see I didn't get to mention that '...
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Can I turn off the rainbow version of the logo? [closed]

I mean, I understand this tolerance thing, but can I at least choose whether I'm in favor of the new social logo or not (Please do not use Stack Overflow to promote social causes) and change it back ...
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Had the community responded in a negative way towards changing the site's logo temporarily, would Stack Overflow have changed it regardless? [closed]

A request to change the site's logo was posted in this question and was soon accepted. The Stack Overflow logo was changed for this weekend. Looking at the votes alone, the community was in ...
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What is the policy for Stack Overflow and political matters, such as the logo color change?

Just curious, I cannot help but notice the political implications of the timely color change of the Stack Overflow logo and the Supreme Court decision in Obergefell v. Hodges. Is there any policy ...
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Mentor all underrepresented groups in ICT industry [closed]

So, as we can see from this post SO is going to mentor women because they are underrepresented and discriminated in ICT industry. If you are getting SO into politics, I believe you should do this the ...
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Why are usernames not unique, here on Stack Overflow?

I always thought that each username corresponds to one user. But it seems that multiple users can have the same username. Why is that? My userprofile: ...
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