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Should we identify COVID-19 related programming questions? If so, how?

COVID-19 has caused at least 250K deaths and counting. Firms such as auto makers, fashion houses, and distilleries have changed their product lines to address the pandemic. While programmers working ...
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Would you like for free? [closed]

tl;dr: I own the domain name I cannot build something good for the community with it, and I want to gift it to someone who has an idea that will benefit the Stack Overflow ...
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Does Stack Exchange really want to conflate newbies with women/people of color?

The Stack Overflow Isn’t Very Welcoming blog post says: Too many people experience Stack Overflow as a hostile or elitist place, especially newer coders, women, people of color, and others in ...
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Can we do more than just delete rude comments?

Lately it feels like there's a growing perception that Stack Overflow is not a nice place. I still feel like it's the best place to ask programming questions on the Web, but apparently not everyone ...
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Take the 2018 Developer Survey [closed]

[Edit: The survey is now closed] It’s that time of year again—the annual developer survey is now open! The survey will be open for three weeks starting today, and will tentatively close on January ...
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Are any major improvements planned for the core Q&A engine? Is there any point in contributing relevant suggestions?

Given that it seems to be "airing of grievances" season on Meta right now... My impression over the past 4-5 years or so has been that the core Q&A engine has certainly seen a lot of small ...
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We'll always endeavor to do what's right. We'll try to do It better next time

We don't know if or when there will be another occasion that compels us to use our company voice to take a stance on something that's happening in the world. The fact is that we simply don't know what ...
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Should the "Time to take a stand" question be closed / moved?

Please read the question carefully, I'm NOT requesting removing the post Joel Spolsky posted a very touching and inspiring post: Time to take a stand. On one hand, I really appreciate his stance and ...
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Stack Overflow logo in rainbow colours

In the past this has been possible. For a day - please bring it back for those that have been killed by hatred in America.
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Can Stack Overflow's logo be changed temporarily to a Support For Paris logo?

On June 26, 2015, a user requested the logo be changed temporarily to show support for a then-happening situation. The request was granted. The logo was altered on many websites. A similar show of ...
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Fall 2015 Moderator Election Q&A - Question Collection

In connection with the moderator elections, as we have been for the previous few, we will be holding a Q&A with the candidates. I wanted to write Autumn but for some reason it feels like it runs ...
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Are political profiles that could possibly affect the participations of other users allowed?

Related but not exactly the same: Are political avatars and profiles OK? Related discussion on similar event: When are we going to get the old logo back? the Related event: Can Stack Overflow and Meta'...
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Do we actually need to have a [status-yay]?

Let me keep it short, with the featured question for #LoveOverflows , I saw the appearance of this tag status-yay. When we see the description: Yay! This tag is for celebrating major historical ...
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Can Stack Overflow's logo be changed permanently to a spectral colours logo?

TL;DR Please change the SO logo permanently to the one below showing stack objects in spectral colours. The old orange (orange? Ubuntu anyone?) one doesn't properly reflect the diversity of ...
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Make the rainbow logo a hyperlink to the explanation [closed]

I was unpleasantly surprised to see the subject, because I wondered if SE has started to promote LGBT, or adopted it as an official practice for its employees or something. Only after searching for a ...
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