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Would you like for free?

tl;dr: I own the domain name I cannot build something good for the community with it, and I want to gift it to someone who has an idea that will benefit the Stack Overflow ...
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Do we actually need to have a [status-yay]?

Let me keep it short, with the featured question for #LoveOverflows , I saw the appearance of this tag status-yay. When we see the description: Yay! This tag is for celebrating major historical ...
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Make the rainbow logo a hyperlink to the explanation [closed]

I was unpleasantly surprised to see the subject, because I wondered if SE has started to promote LGBT, or adopted it as an official practice for its employees or something. Only after searching for a ...
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Should we identify COVID-19 related programming questions? If so, how?

COVID-19 has caused at least 250K deaths and counting. Firms such as auto makers, fashion houses, and distilleries have changed their product lines to address the pandemic. While programmers working ...
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Alert me when the fun starts!

I would like some kind of notification when a good question gets started on meta. When I noticed that I just had missed this wonderful party, I was devastated. You see I didn't get to mention that '...
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Mentor all underrepresented groups in ICT industry [closed]

So, as we can see from this post SO is going to mentor women because they are underrepresented and discriminated in ICT industry. If you are getting SO into politics, I believe you should do this the ...
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Had the community responded in a negative way towards changing the site's logo temporarily, would Stack Overflow have changed it regardless? [closed]

A request to change the site's logo was posted in this question and was soon accepted. The Stack Overflow logo was changed for this weekend. Looking at the votes alone, the community was in ...
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Can Stack Overflow's logo be changed permanently to a spectral colours logo?

TL;DR Please change the SO logo permanently to the one below showing stack objects in spectral colours. The old orange (orange? Ubuntu anyone?) one doesn't properly reflect the diversity of ...
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