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Why are so many useless questions ranked highly, and vice versa?

I find that more and more new questions consist of useless ponderings of obscure details of languages. Maybe I am not seeing the questions that involve actual issues. That could be because the ...
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How did this question get so many views? [duplicate]

Okay, I admit it. I am at least partly motivated here by a basic annoyance that a question that is so obviously a duplicate has been jumped on by so many users and (IMHO inappropriately) upvoted, ...
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How many question marks is a question allowed to have before it becomes too broad? [duplicate]

This question Which is more efficient: Return a value vs. Pass by reference? is highly upvoted and not un-useful, but clearly has multiple question marks and multiple questions. However trying to ...
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How can I ask a moderator to investigate a potential puppet account?

Yesterday one of the people was pretty disappointed with me not upvoting his answer, made some downvotes and after that serial downvoting appeared from a random account (not from his account). The ...
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Lots of duplicate answers on a question [duplicate]

This question seems to have about 10 answers that are duplicates of the accepted answer or of another answer, most of which are one line of code answers that don't add anything new: How to convert ...
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Should this question get reopened?

Here is the question, in which the OP asked a question similar to 'Particular constant is banned in computer science; is this true or not?' In this case, the question was: I am a first year ...
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How to deal with duplicate answers [duplicate]

A lot of times I'll be looking at a question and there will be one or two really great answers. *Upvote!* Give it 2-3 minutes and the same exact answers will show up again from different users, ...
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Is the quality of 'Hot Network Questions' a concern to others?

I've noticed a trend across multiple SE sites where the 'hot questions' that appear in the right column tend to be rather poor questions for the SE site they were posted on. They are often purely ...
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Dupe-closing widely-viewed positively-received Qs with lots of up-votes towards rarely-viewed Qs?

There is a recent question I've favorited (starred) and been monitoring which has a lot of positive attention, views, and up-votes. The question has dozens of up-votes along with the answers, and ...
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Does it make sense to remove completely duplicate answers

A lot of time, when I look for answers on SO I find big amount of completely duplicate answers which do not bring any value at all, but for historical reasons they are here and some of them are even ...
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