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What should our naming strategy for Angular-related libraries be?

Yes, this is about the never ending Angular madness, and I will briefly explain the fundamental issues of the naming problem (since it was not our fault). The objective with this is to get a broader ...
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A list of tag synonyms which are not proposed in Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a big community with users from different backgrounds. In Stack Overflow, tens of thousands of tags are proposed by different users to annotate questions. However, due to the ...
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Duplicate AngularJS tags: [angularjs-ng-repeat], [ng-repeat]

There are 2 tags that exists for questions about Angular's ng-repeat: ng-repeat: 10 followers, 2.1k questions angularjs-ng-repeat: 577 followers, 6k questions angularjs-ng-repeat is more popular, ...
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Burninate specific event tags [closed]

onload, onload-event, onunload, onbeforeload, onbeforeunload, onbeforeprint, onchange, oncheckchange, onmouseover, onmouseout, onmousedown, onmouseup, onmousemove, onmouseclick, onclick, ...
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Error on the tag description

I found that angular-material and angular-material2 tags have both the same description, which is, I am guessing, incorrect. Angular-material tag states: DO NOT use this tag for AngularJS ...
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We should get rid of synonyms for some of the AngularJS ngmodel tags

While editing a low profile question on AngularJS ng-models, I've came across three tags that (seem to) describe the same component in AngularJS. ngmodel (12 questions tagged, this one doesn't even ...
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Which tag should be used if there is a question about the Angular directive NgIf? [duplicate]

Which tag should be used if there is a question about the Angular directive NgIf? Available tags In order to find the correct tag, ngif was queried in the tags section. The three most relevant ...
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Documentation should actively reject pledge to "versioned" tags [closed]

Someone is trying to create the java-8 topics, which would essentially duplicate the efforts of the java proper ones. I think documentations should actively reject such attempts with a helpful message ...
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May be synonyms: [ng-grid] and [angular-ui-grid] [duplicate]

I'm not a professional at AngularJS UI Grid, but these tags seem to be synonyms, from my point of view:
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Merge [angularjs-(.+)] --> [angular-$1]

(UPDATE: I've reversed the order of which direction the tag merges should go.) angularjs-directive -> angular-directive angularjs-ngmodel -> angular-ng-model angularjs-bootstrap -> angular-...
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Should there be a separate 'angularjs-2.0' tag?

I'm thinking of asking a question about AngularJS 2.0 Quickstart and it made me wonder if there should be an angularjs-2.0 tag separate from the current angularjs tag. Having seen AngularJS 2.0 code ...
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Paging not provided on search results

When you first navigate to the tags page you're greeted by a page of tags with page navigation at the bottom. Once you place a search string into the inputbox, page navigation disappears. Here's a ...
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Asking an [angular-ng-*] question is as easy as picking from four different tag formats

I just noticed that the angularjs tags for specific options and modules are a mess. While everyone was able to determine that AngularJS should be tagged with angularjs, apparently nobody has decided ...
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Duplicate AngularJS-related tags: [angularjs-ng-*] and [ng-*]

We have: angularjs-ng-repeat (1,643 questions, wiki) and ng-repeat (339 questions, no wiki) angularjs-ng-options (13 questions, no wiki) and ng-options (131 questions, wiki) angularjs-ng-model (6 ...