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Threshold experiment results: closing, editing and reopening all become more effective

Editor's note: This has been implemented. This post details the outcome of an experiment that reduced the thresholds for closing and reopening questions to 3 votes on Stack Overflow. Warning: ...
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Should "Very Low Quality" flags be offloaded entirely to tag experts?

Some of the Stack Overflow moderators were having (yet another) discussion about what makes "not an answer" fundamentally different from "very low quality", since the former ...
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What should the system be deleting automatically that it already isn't?

So this question got me thinking... We have several automatic processes in place for cleaning up cruft, deleting questions that are very unlikely to help anyone else. They're fairly conservative ...
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Time for roomba to ignore comments

Remember this: If the question is more than 365 days old, and ... has a score of 0, or a score of 1 in case of deleted owner has no answers is not locked has view count <= the age ...
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2019: a year in moderation

It's New Year's Day in Stack Exchange land... A distinguishing characteristic of these sites is how they are moderated: We designed the Stack Exchange network engine to be mostly self-regulating, in ...
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2016: a year in moderation

This came up in an internal discussion with some Stack Overflow moderators earlier today: even those of you who are pretty familiar with how this site works often have no idea how often various ...
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2020: a year in moderation

As we say goodbye to the old year and welcome the new one, we have a tradition of sharing moderation stats for the past 12 months. As most of you here are aware, sites on the Stack Exchange network ...
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What is a reasonable length of time to give for a poor question to be improved before voting to delete?

This question was undoubtedly poor and closed 40 minutes after asking. It was then deleted 16 minutes after that. Thus giving the questioner 16 minutes to act on the advice in the close message ...
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Data on efficacy of triage

Is there data available on the results of the triage queue? I would be very interested in the number of questions that were once in triage and are now closed/deleted and for whatever reason. Are ...
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Encourage user to review close votes

As you can see in reputation page there are more than 34k users having 3000+ reputation, who can cast close vote and review the close votes queue. ╔════════════╦═══════════╗ ║ Total Rep* ║ Users ║ ...
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I got a comment to a 5 year old question, the question is no longer relevant

I had a 0 vote question about a framework that has evolved over the last 5 years. The author of the framework commented that the question is no longer applicable, since that version of the framework ...
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Voting history statistics request

In a couple recent threads regarding how users of higher reputations behave there is a lot of speculation going on. Could we get some summarized statistics to help in these discussions? I think some ...
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Is downvoting questions more popular than upvoting?

I have noticed that when looking at new and old questions on Stack Overflow, the majority of questions have been downvoted rather than upvoted. For example, I watched the question https://...
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Were these duplicates deleted correctly, or would keeping them around add value?

Edit: it looks like these deletions were justified, and more intensely peer-reviewed than it seemed - see the comments. In an unrelated Meta question two questions came to light that had recently ...
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Why was a NAA-flag on an answer linking to another SO answer declined?

Yesterday I flagged this answer as not an answer, but my flag was declined Here is the screenshot of that answer in that answer it's just saying there is ...
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