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Are high-reputation users answering fewer questions?

This recent answer posits that due to a hypothetical decline in "interesting" questions, a large number of high-reputation users have been decreasing their activity on the site, especially in the ...
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Did Google recently update algorithms in a way that's bad for Stack Overflow questions?

Until recently a simple Google search was great for finding answers on Stack Overflow. I generally don't restrict searches to because it's a pain to type and I occasionally get ...
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Stack Overflow fatigue - has your usage / motivation dropped off?

I joined Stack Overflow during the private beta testing phase - I had the time of my life posting answers, asking questions, learning by reading other's questions. That was 2009. Over the last few ...
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Should one advise on off-topic questions?

This may be one of the most common quandaries I have when looking through Stack Overflow questions, when the author has written an obviously off-topic but genuine question such as Windows Forms ...
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How do I respond to assertions that Stack Overflow is just like a forum?

I was talking to a kid the other day who had a Python issue. Not being well-versed (or really, even badly-versed) in Python, I asked if he had checked Stack Overflow. Let's just say that he is a "...
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Help set Q&A (TeamDAG) product development priorities

Thanks everyone for your feedback on this post. As expected, there is a lot of passion around how we spend our resources improving Q&A. There is an undeniable desire to see DAG focus on ...
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Show Google results before user can post a question

That people will ask questions that are super easily Googled (with the #1 result often being… a Stack Overflow question) is a fact of life. Our history shows that there’s no way to tell people to ...
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Why is the quality of PHP questions, on Stack Overflow, in decline?

I've been on Stack Overflow since 2012 and have seen a fairly steady decline in the quality of questions asked in the php tag over the years. However, I noticed a significant incline in the sheer ...
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Are there questions that are too trivial to answer?

...and what should we do with them? I'm starting to see questions on the Python tag like: "How do you access a value in a list?" (i.e., how do you use a basic data structure) "How do I call a ...
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New lows in JS tag quality

I didn't think it was possible, but we seem to be plumbing new depths in the quality of javascript questions. Recent questions include one asking how to compare two values, and another asking how to ...
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Are "what's this problem called?" questions off-topic?

Every now and then I see questions that describe a programming problem, and the asker wants to know what the name of it is, kind of like using SO as a reverse Google. For example, what they are ...
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Is it possible (or meaningful) to forbid someone to create a new account to get past a ban?

Recently this question has been on Meta: What is the appropriate way to report someone who created a new account to get around a ban? To me that particular issue there seems like a duplicate ...
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Do not award bounties to someone if the bountier disagrees with the answer

I have tagged this discussion as I am trying to find the best way to solve this problem. I am aware of the feature-request on the main meta Explicit "do not award bounty" button. However, ...
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Dealing with a user who is upset by a downvote and lashes out at my competing answer [duplicate]

Earlier today, I gave this answer to a question. I also went through the rest of the answers and found one that had incomplete content. Although he had some explanation at the top, the code snippet ...
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Why hasn't this "abandoned closed" question been automatically deleted?

As stated here: If the question was closed more than 9 days ago, and ... not closed as a duplicate has a score of 0 or less is not locked has no answers with a score > 0 has no ...
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Where do all these 'user123456' accounts come from?

Being a read-only user for a long time, I hadn't noticed this before... But, switching to 'registered user' and reviewing all these questions asked - I wonder, where all these newbie accounts (i.e. 1-...
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SO topics: complex vs. easy

So I have no idea if this has not been discussed to death before. If so, just downvote or point me to the previous place. In my day to day work I always use SO to solve easy issues faster than with ...
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Should we close a question which might be a little "basic" and If so, with which reason? [duplicate]

There's some very basic questions, so should we close them? What I meant is, for example here's a question closed as a problem that can no longer be reproduced or a simple typographical error. ...
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How did it happen that Stack Overflow became a place for opportunists?

I'm interested in the history and evolution of the Stack Overflow community to make some expectations on the future of it. I've used Stack Overflow a lot, for years, hundredfold googling for specific ...
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Please let those who care, help fix Stack Overflow [closed]

When I first started using Stack Overflow in 2009 it was a wonderful place. High-quality questions, many of them answered in great depth by people well-known and regarded in their fields (for example, ...
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Stack Exchange: A database of knowledge or an expert help site? [closed]

I am new to the Stack Exchange community, and since the day one, I struggled to understand one of the most fundamental aspects of its mission. Many posts on Meta have been written to broadly discuss ...
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Is Stack Overflow losing its popularity?

Is Stack Overflow losing its popularity? Or it got even more popular that not enough people to answer questions? On this site I used to get 10 different answers in 1 minute in the past, now I am lucky ...
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Rephrasing "research effort" to something less contentious

The term "research effort" and consequently the phrase "showing research effort" seems to allow for two possible readings: The charitable one: Before writing this question you surely have invested ...
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Winter Bash icon breaks muscle memory

Related to this question, but not the same. The Winter Bash icon, aside from being annoying frippery, breaks muscle memory for those who are used to clicking on a particular area of the screen to ...
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Why do we have this round of elections barely 8 months after the previous one?

Looking at the history of my election participation, I see that I have voted in the November 2016 election, in the July 2017 election, and will also do so in the present round. This means elections ...
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At some point of time, helping people became more important than helping create a library of practical programming answers

At some point of time, we lost the light and helping people became more important than helping create a library of practical programing answers This was the most up-voted comment on the top ...
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Close reason "Can be trivially googled" needed [duplicate]

I sometimes see questions to which an answer can be trivially found by googling. A glaring example is this question about queues in C++. When I tried to vote to close the question I found that none of ...
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A Welcoming Change: What do we have to lose?

Several questions here on Meta these last few days have raised objections to Jay Hanlon's blog post, Stack Overflow Isn't Very Welcoming. It's Time for That To Change. Jay's post can be summarized ...
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Provide 24*7 Online help centre facility [closed]

Many programmers are struggling during their office time due to critical bugs and doubts. If you provide online immediate assistance it will save lots of developers careers and life too.
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Stack Overflow now has its own app on iOS and Android [closed]

TL;DR: Today we launched a new mobile app specifically for Stack Overflow. It lets you view, post, vote, and comment on Stack Overflow questions and answers. Download links are included in this post. ...
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