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How should we tag code translation questions?

I have seen a lot of questions in the objective-c tag which ask for the conversion of Objective-C code to Swift code. I was wondering if these questions belong there. For example there is this ...
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Where can I ask questions like can someone convert this code to xyz language? [duplicate]

Where can I ask questions like can someone convert this code to xyz language? I don't think it should go to Stack Overflow. Where can I do that?
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My question was clear and got put on hold anyway [duplicate]

How do I convert this LINQ code from C# to VB.NET? The question couldn't be any more clear. See the post title. I assume the downvotes were because people assumed that Enum.ToString() is sufficient ...
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Are language conversion questions on topic? [duplicate]

I just saw the "Convert Swift to Objective-c?" question was closed, but I was surprised the close reason is something like 'debug help'. Is this question closed because it is asking for code ...
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Can I ask for a translation of a routine from one programming language to another? [duplicate]

Is it acceptable to ask if someone can write a routine in programming language A if I show exactly what I want in programming language B? For example, I am considering asking if someone can write ...
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Which flag can be used for "convert some code to another programming language"? [duplicate]

Today I found a question where the OP wants someone to convert some code to another programming language. I want to flag that question to close it, but I can't find a flag like that.
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While Reviewing, What to do when someone gives an algorithm in Pseudocode and asks it to be writing in given language? [duplicate]

What do the guidelines say about asking to translate pseudo-code into a given language? Is it against the guide lines? If it is or if it isn't, should it be, or should it not be? (I can think of good ...
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Is "too broad" a valid reason to close a question that doesn't show any research effort?

For example, a question may have a well defined solution. Is it correct to close it as "too broad"?: Because op failed to show the attempts and the answerer need to write all the code for him. A ...
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Why was my code translation question closed?

I came across this question Convert "for loop" from Python to C++ that asked for a translation of a single line of code written in python into C++. To me, this question seems to be on-topic ...
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Can I ask a question for explanations of specific blocks of code, instead of using ChatGPT, at Stack Overflow?

I've experienced a couple of times at Stack Overflow a few discomforts when asking some questions because some users were a little passive-aggressive with me, so I am kinda afraid of using Stack ...
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Clean up [code-translation]

I think that the code-translation tag could need a clean up. The current tag wiki excerpt reads: For questions regarding the translation of code from one programming language to another. NOTE that ...
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Should I remove an IDE tag when the question asks about feature comparisons?

After reading When to remove an IDE tag?, I got to thinking about how users use IDE tags. One common question that I see is along the lines of: I used to use $old-editor, but have moved to $new-...
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Should we remove [translate] (again)?

I saw this request two years ago to burninate the translate tag. However, it seems we currently have many different questions on this tag again, all about totally different purposes and subjects. Isn'...
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Why I was blocked to ask questions? [duplicate]

I recently posted a question about getting help to conver a programming language onto another and was blocked to ask again. Why is that ?
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