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Triage: Add explanation what's the reason for having a triage at all

Right now, there is almost zero explanation about what the "Triage" is and why it makes sense. On the triage page itself it just says Help identify the quality of questions and We need your ...
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Edit myself or just tag 'Requires Editing'?

I've been reviewing posts in Triage now that I have the rep for it, and occasionally I will come across ones that require editing and that I am confident editing myself (code formatting, poor grammar/...
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Is a good looking question enough reason to flag it as "Looks OK" In triage

I have recently gained access to reviewing Triage and the other 500 rep queues. I've been doing quite a few in the last 3 days as a result of that. Now the point of triage is to determine wether a ...
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Triage Help : Could a link to meta answer be added in the UI?

Like many, I've had (still having??) difficulties understanding the subtilities of Triage choices. Searching in Meta, I came on this very helpful wiki ...
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Is there a clear specification when a review item is either 'requires editing' or 'unsalvageable'?

I've just failed my first 'Review Triage' review task. Before I reviewed the item, I looked in the Help Center to get a hint when I should set 'requires editing' or 'unsalvageable'. I haven't found ...
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Is there some backstory to this highly upvoted, wrong answer?

I'm puzzled by this answer to this question. The answer has 19 upvotes (and 1 downvote). The answer is completely wrong: The solution rotates the text (which was not asked for). The solution does ...
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Lots of disputed flags since yesterday

I've been going through the Triage queue for quite some time now. However, since yesterday, 11 of my flags have been marked "disputed", almost half of my total disputed flags. I do know that disputed ...
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Add "Should be improved by OP/Author" Option to Triage [duplicate]

Feature summary I would like to suggest adding a Should be Improved by OP/Author option on Triage to address the issues caused by users that don't know when is correct to select the "Should be ...
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Review audit - good question or duplicate? [duplicate]

Today I reviewed "existential types declarations in Scala" in triage: I marked it as a duplicate, based on the comment stating that there was an answer in another question, and the OP stating that ...

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