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Should I pay attention to answers when in the Triage review queue?

Today, when going through the Triage queue, I noticed a typo in a question and posted a comment to ask the author if the typo was only in the question or if it existed in the actual code as well. As ...
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In Triage, if a question's consensus is "Looks OK", the GUI suggests I can vote on it after the review, but I cannot

So this is incredibly frustrating. For those who still insist that this is a dupe: The dupe explains why there is no facility to vote in Triage. My question concerns two portions - there is a ...
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Why are there audits when the triage queue is full? Don't they just slow us down in clearing the queue?

About half an hour ago while browsing on SO I noticed the red dot of triage lighting up indicating the queue is full/under heavy load and needs some help clearing it up. Trying to be a diligent user ...
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It seems many misunderstand the "Requires Editing" option in Triage review

As it stands, the immediate definition of "Requires Editing" is: for questions that you can make clear and answerable by editing I understand that this is clearly stating "questions that you can ...
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What is the wrong judgement in reviewing queues? [duplicate]

I was reviewing queues some minutes ago, as I think it can help the community, and I encountered two things which I do not really understand nor agree: This first image was an accepted review. But I ...
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Why was this answer by OP declared link-only answer and deleted?

I'm concerned about one of my reviews from triage queue that got disputed yesterday: The reason why I still think this is a useful answer ...
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Triage Dispute Audit

As usual, I'm contributing on daily manner to Stack Overflow community, and I've just failed on this review audit: I disagree with it because: there ...
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Why can't I click to upvote during Review triage if question consensus is "Looks OK" [duplicate]

I was going through my daily review of "triage" and ran across something I have seen for the first time when the question consensus "Looks OK" I can't upvote the question as the 3rd reviewer: As you ...
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Banned from reviewing [closed]

I recently have been blocked from reviewing for 2 days for failing audits. Today I got unblocked, passed 1 audit and then failed 1. Now I have a 4 day review ban. I personally think this is unfair ...
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Triaging new users' questions [duplicate]

I like to spend some time clearing the triage queue for a mental break. Often I meet questions, especially from new users, where they ask something, without code, or all the details required for an ...
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Help tip for "Requires Editing" is incorrect in the Triage review queue [duplicate]

In the Triage review queue, the help tip for "Requires Editing" is incorrect and erroneously uses the word "author". Some of this has already been discussed extensively in the following posts: Is ...
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The incorrect usage of "Requires Editing" is still causing problems. Can we do something about it?

So, I read this question yesterday and I posted a suggestion in an answer (now deleted) which I'm going to re-post here. The OP of that question addressed the fact that the "Help and Improvement" ...
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Could we get a special warning in triage, when question gets flagged as duplicate?

Well, that's quite an uninteresting title. Many of you might be thinking, why would we even need such a thing, well hear me out... Now, I probably won't be the only one who will be surprised by a ...
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Allow special comments to be passed to H&I queue from Triage

I was just reviewing a few posts in a row in Triage that all (hopefully) got sent to the Help and Improvement review queue and was annoyed to realize that, in the time it took to determine that I ...
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Are there statistics for "help and improvement"?

While writing this answer (where I express my frustration that the "help and improvement" queue seems to almost only consist of low-quality questions that could, if at all, only be improved by the ...

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