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FAQ Index for Stack Overflow

Community FAQ (For Stack Overflow and Meta Stack Overflow) For official guidance from Stack Exchange, visit the Help Center. Stack Overflow is part of a wider network; for issues that apply to Stack ...
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How do I deal with non-English content?

What action should I take if I come across non-English content? Does the amount of non-English content make any difference? Return to FAQ index
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Please change the review icon back to a text link

It's become pretty clear by now that, whatever the other merits of the top-bar redesign, it has been a disaster for review: As a result, Triage isn't able to handle VLQ flags on questions, Low ...
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How is this spam? [duplicate]

I was in the Triage queue and this audit popped up. Any single place / tool / site to list all AWS regions an AWS service is available in? I went into the flag menu and then decided otherwise from ...
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Can I retract a suggested edit? [duplicate]

I read this topic about the limitation of the total suggested edits. Also, I saw on the review queues page the number of suggested edits is changing (So, it is not full). I edited a question on ...
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Triage needs to be fixed urgently, and users need to be notified upon receiving a review ban!

Prologue Since late 2019, I have been investigating why posts are ending up in the Help & Improvement (H&I) review queue when it should have been closed in Triage. Unfortunately, due to the ...
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Downvotes Survey launching Oct 15, 2020

Update The Downvotes survey was turned off Nov 12. It ran for four weeks and produced 1,455 responses. View the results Original post Starting tomorrow, we are launching a survey to gain insight into ...
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If the question is ok, should it be upvoted? [duplicate]

In the triage queue stack encourages to upvote questions which show research and a sincere effort. I see consensus on many many questions, but never any upvotes on either of them. What is the correct ...
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Not clear why 'needs author edit' was not correct for a question in triage with no code

I encountered the following triage audit: What I did I looked into the text and searched for a question. It was there. Passed. How was the question ...
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How do I flag questions about third-party APIs?

I am reviewing posts in the Triage queue and came across this one (Call Of Duty API - How can I get a list of all user platforms by entering username only?) which IMO basically boils down to the ...
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In the triage queue, if the comments ask the user for more information, should it be flagged? [duplicate]

In the triage queue one comes across questions from all disciplines. If there are comments under the question asking the OP for more clarity, should I flag it as needing an author edit or should I ...
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Can I choose Needs Community Edit in Triage and then edit the post?

I have been suspended from review because of my action on this triage review. The suspension message says: You’ve been suspended from reviewing. You will be able to review again in 6 days. The ...
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Review queue Help Center draft: Triage queue

This post is part of a larger effort to create Help Center pages for each of the Review queues. You can learn more about this project in the overview post. These posts will be locked so that everyone ...
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There is no shame in using "Skip"

Is there a way to encourage reviewers - especially new ones - to use "Skip" button when they are hesitant and not 100% sure what to do? For example, this edit was approved, although it is 100% ...
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The options showing after choosing needs improvement in the triage queue

Recently there was a change in the triage queue options. So I read the detailed guide for triaging questions. If one hit flag, and chooses needs improvement, those are the options he gets: Duplicate ...

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