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Keep the love of puns [burninating] in our hearts

Why do people have a little [pun] with their retag and burninate requests? was asked middle of last year. The consensus was pretty clear: puns are a good way to lighten up an otherwise deadly dull ...
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What is the process for tag removal (burnination)?

What happens, or what should I expect, when I ask the community to remove ("burninate") a tag from the system? Is there an established process for the community to follow? Return to FAQ Index
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Change the name of "Burninate"

I don't like the word. It looks too much like "Urinate". I wish that didn't appear on my screen on many of my visits to SO. Can we come up with a different name for this?
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Should we burninate this tag [once] and for all?

I was very surprised that the once tag exists at all. It even has a tag description: Once: The code or operation is meant to fire only one time, typically only on the first execution. This tag can ...
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There is no [value] left in this tag

This tag has been burninated. Please do not recreate it. If you need advice on which tag to use, see the answer below. If you see this tag reappearing, it may need to be blacklisted. The value tag ...
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This tag should not be [legal]

I propose that we burninate the legal tag. There is no reason for SO to have it. Of the 457 questions tagged with it, 244 of them (53%) are closed of off-topic. I'm sure there are many more which ...
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Should we cut [corners]?

The corners (syn. corner) has no wiki, 0 followers and some 173 questions. I skimmed through all of them and "corners" is used as one of: Corners of a drawn shape (some graphics object or canvas) or ...
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Evaluation of SOCVR's Burnination Process

Attention if you're looking for the official process please see the FAQ post: What is the process for tag removal (burnination)? All what you read here is captured, extended, improved and maintained ...
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Will they [let] us burninate this tag?

Related to the [var] burniantion proposal. I first noticed the tag thanks to this important JavaScript question let (about 500 questions) In Lisp-like and functional languages, introduces a list ...
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Can we please unlist [tolist]?

When working on How could we make [todictionary] less ambiguous? I came across questions with the tolist tag. It has all the same problems as the todictionary tag: No tag wiki, no description, a ...
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Do we need to be [changed]?

changed currently has 32 questions. It doesn't have a specific meaning, it's not helpful to the questions. Request to burninate the tag.
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Let [shellscript] burn in [shell]

As a frequent visitor to the bash and awk tags, I can't help but notice a new kid on the block: shellscript (84 questions tagged at time of writing) A shell script is a computer program designed ...
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We need [less] no more

Right now the less is (mis)used for three different things: The all popular CSS preprocessor LESS. The opposite of more and command line tool less A gem called less-rails. This should not be ...
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​[game] over. Insert coin to burninate?

game was created sometime yesterday. It has nine questions as I write this post now. I have not been very successful in removing it from posts as I have less than 2K reputation. Its getting about 8 ...
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No need to pay [attribute]

I came upon this tag in a review: attribute and synonym attributes With a description of: The attributes tag should be used for any issues relating to a property of an object, element, or file, ...
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