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Deleted question audit 2018

At least a couple of times during the past year, our intrepid moderator team has gotten tripped up by a bug in a script they were using... Which led them to inadvertently delete questions they didn't ...
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Why is Stack Overflow not removing closed questions from the Google index?

People frequently rant about how Stack Overflow's draconian rules stink, too many questions get closed, etc. Regardless of where one stands on that argument, those people often complain that they ...
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The C book list has gone haywire. What to do with it?

The Definitive C Book Guide and List was a project I once liked and supported. However, over time I started to realize how bad and harmful that post really is. The main issue with it is the ...
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Are we playing favorites with high-rep users self-answering off-topic questions? [duplicate]

Consider the following question: New features of C++20? I want to know how much is C++20 different from C++17? I mean, the new features added compared to those already existing in C++17. I ...
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Can we delete "Setting up a git repo on my GoDaddy hosting plan"?

The question Setting up a git repo on my GoDaddy hosting plan is not only off topic, but there is canonical documentation from GoDaddy, and it is also crossposted on Server Fault. It has outlived ...
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Histo-Locked "C++ IDE recommendations" post - shouldn't it be removed by now?

Here's a historical post on SO: C++ IDE for Linux? This would be closed as inappropriate had it been asked today, but was kept for historical/social reasons. The problem is, the information in it is ...
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Does this question need a historical lock?

I recently came across the question How to identify unused CSS definitions in SOCVR. Reading it, it does seem like it's a closable question. I would probably choose "Needs Details or Clarity"...
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Company biased closing of a unwanted question

I recently wanted to link an answer to a question I already answered before. But I couldn't find it. After an intensive search I found it, but I realized that is was closed and then deleted. Until now ...
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Does the existence of low-quality tags encourage people to ask low-quality questions?

During the discussion about whether to burninate the Kali Linux tag, several people extended the argument that people would continue to ask off-topic questions regardless of whether there was a tag ...
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Is [kernighan-and-ritchie] a valid tag on Stack Overflow?

I'm aware the K&R C is a fairly prevalent C standard, but should kernighan-and-ritchie be a valid tag given that a lot of the questions that use the tag pertain to a specific book? What is Stack ...
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Delete more book lists!

The list of books every programmer should read has now been thankfully deleted with community support. But there's still a couple floating out there; I found these two very quickly but there may be ...
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Why moderators handle questions with "historical significance" inconsistently?

There is this question: What is the single most influential book every programmer should read? Which has a rather interesting history: Post Deleted by animuson♦ Question Unprotected by ...
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Do we need [effective-c++]?

There is effective-c++ tag. Currently it has 80 questions. Its tag info states: Tag for implementing and understanding guidelines and recommendations in any of the books "Effective C++: 50 ...
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How can I find the most bookmarked questions?

A bookmark represents a quite personal expression of (future?) value of a question (or rather the answers given) to a single user. I wondered what the most bookmarked questions are, how I would be ...
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Book recommendation lists

Among the C++ FAQ posts, there is a nice, wiki-style book list with recommendations. This question has gotten some special love and attention from a diamond mod, to clear out all the clutter posts. ...
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