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The [gpl] tag has been burninated

I recently encountered the gpl tag, which has the following description: DO NOT USE! LICENSING / LEGAL ADVICE IS OFF TOPIC -- GPL questions should be asked on - The GNU ...
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Flag declined - so is it OK for a chat room to post same canned comments on every single post in a tag?

For the tag burninate-request , a certain chat room posts a robotic canned comment for every-single-post-in-the-tag. Is it appropiate for a chat room to do so? Can it go mass commenting promoting ...
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Why aren't relevant tags removed if a subject is considered Off-Topic?

I was about to post a question that touched on the edges of Software Licensing after carefully looking at the long list of Stack Exchange communities and determining that Stack Overflow would have the ...
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Which SEO questions should be closed as non-programming/non-admin?

What criteria should we be applying when deciding whether questions are off-topic? Is there any sort of rough consensus on this? Why are SEO questions shut down as not programming related? Is SEO a ...
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How do we handle ethical/legal questions? [duplicate]

Today I came across a (now deleted- will link it here if I can find the link) question which asked about the legality of using distributing Microsoft libraries (DLLs) with their programs. This type ...
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What is the sort order of the Close Vote queue?

When reviewing the Close Votes, which question gets shown first to a reviewer, the one with the oldest review date or the newest? Or is it some other sort order or completely random?
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What do the statistics for a community wiki represent?

This community wiki answer has the following statistics: What do the statistics 8 users and 72% mean in the above image? Based on my understanding, 29 revisions have been made to that particular post....
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Questions about licensing

Are questions about software licensing off-topic for Stack Overflow? I read this before and I assume it is true but which sentence/paragraph from Help Center or which answer from meta can be cited to ...
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Blacklist [copyright]

This summer some regulars started the process of cleaning up the legal-related tags, which is still ongoing (even though it's marked status-completed, but that's a different issue). Many of the tags ...
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Stop using [burninate]

I have a feeling that this will go over like a lead balloon, but I have to ask! The term "burninate" is both childish and exclusionary! There is no such word! It only means something to a small ...
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Let's clean up [open-source]

We've decided that questions about how open source projects are organized are usually not on-topic. You might even say that it's difficult for questions about open source to be on-topic at all based ...
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Actively prevent [NOT SOLVED YET] in title

I was surprised to find someone commenting on a self-answer that "the proper etiquette is to add 'Solved' to your title and edit it into your question". I commented rather brusque (firmly yet polite – ...
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What's the point of the [commercial] tag? [duplicate]

My interest is triggered by this question. The commercial tag itself looks suitable enough; the question, however, doesn't. It quickly got decorated with 5 downvotes and seems to be heading straight ...
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Why do people have a little [pun] with their retag and burninate requests?

Every now and then I see a retag or burninate request in Meta. They seem to be relatively easy to identify as they normally include puns and play of words in their titles. For example: This tag ...
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Will Licensing questions become on topic once Programmers.SE changes scope?

Programmers.SE is revamping its scope and will become solely concentrated on Software Engineering. With this new format, software licensing questions will be considered off topic. In the comments ...

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