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Curious badge shows 7/5 [duplicate]

Can someone please explain the below image? I have 7/5 and it seems this badge is recommended. Why?
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I'm curious about the tracking for the Curious badge [duplicate]

Since there is a hat on Winter Bash about the Curious badge (with the trigger for the hat being the same as for the Curious badge), I always check the tracking of the Curious badge, but I see that it ...
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Tasks completed but can't earn badge 'Curious' [duplicate]

As shown below I have already completed tasks to earn the 'Curious' badge but still, I didn't get this. I should have earned this two months before but still, I didn't. How can I earn this badge? ...
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Curious badge not given even though the requirements are met [duplicate]

This is what my problem is, 6/5 showed but badge not given. Is there something beyond the description? Ask a well-received question on 5 separate days, and maintain a positive question record
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Why are my badges not working properly? [duplicate]

In the screenshot below, there is already an overflow of the count in my curious badge, yet it's still on my track your next badge list. Is there any reason for this behavior? Although completely ...
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How do I measure maintaining a positive question record? [duplicate]

Since I am 6/5 on this badge, I guess I am not qualified for "maintain a positive question record". But is that measured?
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Can we change the completion bar on Curious badge to show the actual score from the formula?

As per the page on Curious Badge The Curious badge has two criteria to be awarded: Ask a good question on 5 separate days Maintain a positive ...
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"Next Badge" already reached [duplicate]

In my profile I can see the following information about a badge: As per my understanding the condition for the badge is already reached. Why have I not earned it yet? Is it a bug?
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Badge showing in available list, even after completing the criteria [duplicate]

I would like to know about the badge Curious. As per the criteria I have asked 5 questions in 5 different days. But I didn't receive this badge, it's still showing in my available list. See the ...
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Can't receive Bronze Badge (the formula doesn't work) [duplicate]

My question is not a duplicate of this post: Why didn't I get the Curious badge? I can't receive Curious bronze badge due to some bug. I know this formula: (totalQuestions-negativeQuestions-closed-...
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Curious why no Curious received with positive record [duplicate]

query 1 query 2 deleted (and undeleted, because I found solution) Both 0.9 >= 0.5, source If I count even the deleted&undeleted one, then it should be ~0.8 >= 0.5, right? So... am I ...
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Is this normal? Badge not going through as awarded [duplicate]

It's been a couple of days now since I think I earned this badge now and somehow it has not been awarded. I think it may be a bug, because I stopped asking questions for a while.
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Show me my own deleted questions and answers on my profile page

First off let me start by saying I know about a highly popular request on the main meta. However that is status-declined and hasn't had any official response for a while now. I have also seen related ...
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I've met the requirements for my second Socratic badge, but haven't gotten it - why? [duplicate]

According to the appropriate query, I seem to have enough pertinent question days to merit a second Socratic badge; and yet - I haven't been awarded the badge. Why is that? Note: Not a duplicate of ...
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Socratic badge: did I meet the criteria or not? [duplicate]

I think when I asked this question about k-means I got a: Next badge 100/100 [badge:Socratic] However, it doesn't seem I have been awarded this badge, and that's OK; I just would like the ...

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