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How to fix triage! (?)

Problem statement A large segment of the triage "Requires Editing" votes are simply wrong. The people voting don't understand the essential difference between requires editing by OP and requires ...
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Help tip for "Requires Editing" is incorrect in the Triage review queue [duplicate]

In the Triage review queue, the help tip for "Requires Editing" is incorrect and erroneously uses the word "author". Some of this has already been discussed extensively in the following posts: Is ...
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How Low Quality questions get to Help and Improvement queue? [duplicate]

There are few posts about low quality questions in Help and Improvement queue which I agree for example new review is pretty much un-salvageable which became duplicate later, So I wanted to know how ...
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Review Suspension - Contradictory Recommendation

This question came up during a review. As many of you can see, all three people voted that the question should be edited to include more information - as it could have been a quality question, with ...
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Help and Improvement review queue difficult to use?

Can someone tell me how to work with the Help and Improvement review queue? I just tried it and I failed. I found a lot of the following types of entries: Posts I could not improve since they are out ...
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Send low-quality posts that "should be an edit to the question" to the "Help & Improvement" queue

I'll be honest, I don't spend a lot of time in the Help & Improvement review queue because it looks like a lot of the stuff that I find in there can only be fixed by the original author. Based on ...
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Triage Queue: Needs Editing option -- Suggestion for improvement [duplicate]

I'm fairly new to Stack Overflow, and recently started working on the triage queue. I've seen lots of discussion in Meta regarding the triage queue, flags aging out or being disputed for very low ...
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Why is "Should be Improved" now "Requires Editing"?

My understanding was that the wording was not going to be changed, because this is status-declined: Rephrase Triage help text for "Should be improved" and "Unsalvageable " I, for ...
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Disable duplicate flagging in Triage

I have a rather daring proposal that may increase duplicate closure rates: disable both Duplicate entries in Triage Unsalvageable dialog. What could possibly motivate such a counter-intuitive idea? ...
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What to do about posts that ask for help creating code

I was recently reviewing First Posts and Triage questions on SO. I found myself stumbling across a few that sounded something like that: "How do I make a taskbox in Java" "How can I create a dropdown ...
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Disputed flags & questions closed for the same reason

This is to address cases of raised flags in triage that get disputed automatically and the question end up being closed or placed on hold for the same reason (or similar). One of my own examples: ...
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Is it normal that I find a very large portion of the Triage queue to be Unsalvageable?

I once read on a highly upvoted Meta answer (can't find it again though) that I should mark as "Unsalvageable" questions that require a direct input from the asker to be good, on-topic, answerable. ...
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Why are my flags disputed?

How come these 2 flags are disputed? Is there something I'm not understanding? https://...
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Add "Should be improved by OP/Author" Option to Triage [duplicate]

Feature summary I would like to suggest adding a Should be Improved by OP/Author option on Triage to address the issues caused by users that don't know when is correct to select the "Should be ...
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Increase reputation requirement for triage

The bar needs to be raised for triage reviewers. Inspired by this: By the many users (such as the one unsalvageable vote shown) who get disputed flags ...
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