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Help and Improvement review queue difficult to use?

Can someone tell me how to work with the Help and Improvement review queue? I just tried it and I failed. I found a lot of the following types of entries: Posts I could not improve since they are out ...
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What to do about posts that ask for help creating code

I was recently reviewing First Posts and Triage questions on SO. I found myself stumbling across a few that sounded something like that: "How do I make a taskbox in Java" "How can I create a dropdown ...
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Help tip for "Requires Editing" is incorrect in the Triage review queue [duplicate]

In the Triage review queue, the help tip for "Requires Editing" is incorrect and erroneously uses the word "author". Some of this has already been discussed extensively in the following posts: Is ...
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How Low Quality questions get to Help and Improvement queue? [duplicate]

There are few posts about low quality questions in Help and Improvement queue which I agree for example new review is pretty much un-salvageable which became duplicate later, So I wanted to know how ...
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