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How to deal with hugely upvoted, bad and outdated answers?

I was prompted to ask this after reading this answer (scored +749/-3) Note: The answer has been edited and is now correct. Previous version The answer wasn't bad when it was added, but the ...
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Fixing answers that recommend "chmod 777"

After stumbling upon both a question which mentioned "I did chmod 777"1 and an answer which recommended "do chmod 777" yesterday I did a basic search and found quite a few answers which recommend this ...
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Should "Very Low Quality" flags be offloaded entirely to tag experts?

Some of the Stack Overflow moderators were having (yet another) discussion about what makes "not an answer" fundamentally different from "very low quality", since the former ...
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Enhance moderation ability by encouraging excellent content

I have a proposal, I've been upholding it for quite a while now, and I'd like to share my efforts with the rest of the high (30k+) reputation users. I found a way to both encourage great content and ...
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Poorly worded 8-year old question with hundreds of votes and security implications

TL;DR. A question with a title that asks specifically for crypto code, all answerers think it's reasonable to ignore security feedback, specifically because the question is poorly worded. Years in the ...
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Why was this answer heavily edited, and should it be reverted?

I recently came across this answer which solved a problem I had and made a slight edit that I felt was needed. I know that often edits are "audited", and, out of curiosity, I refreshed the ...
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Improving an accepted but wrong answer

I recently posted an answer to this question, and was dismayed to see that the asker accepted an answer that was (in my opinion) plain wrong. Briefly put, the question was asking whether SQL Server ...
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User Edits Post And Leaves Threatening Comment

I've got a Python answer about urllib that has been around for a couple of years. A few edits have been made in that time and I've not had a problem with them, but I've just had an edit that came ...
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Mod seems to have deleted all the answers to a supposed duplicate

I had answered this question Generating a random password in php a looong time ago. I based my answer off the users question and nothing to do with security etc, only based off how the user asked the ...
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Is answering the question with an outdated method not a good idea?

Should I not give an answer if the user asked about an outdated method? Actually, the OP asked about manually storing password with md5() and checking it manually. However Laravel comes with the ...
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What is the prevalence of accepted or top-voted answers that are actually intrinsically flawed? (research)

Some time ago, the top-voted, accepted answer to a Stack Overflow question was featured on The Daily WTF (in the meantime, another answer became top-voted). Since then, I have been wondering how ...
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Encouraging attentive suggested edit reviewers to skip every uncontroversial review

Some time ago, I asked Qantas 94 Heavy how he got such a high reject:accept ratio, and the answer was simple but blew my mind: skipping anything that would likely be accepted just fine anyway by the ...
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The Impact of Information Sources on Code Security

According to the highly decorated paper The Impact of Information Sources on Code Security Internet resources such as Stack Overflow are blamed for promoting insecure solutions that are naively ...
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Sample code within questions about cryptography / encryption

There are many places where cryptographic code is provided as an answer to a cryptographic question. There is of course little wrong with providing code to answer a question. We often understand the ...
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Reviewers are rejecting valid edits, and it's a problem

Edit for context, since the comments are more about this specific case than about the bigger issue I did submit an answer to the question. My answer is more general, and the other answer is more ...
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