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Can a question be a duplicate if it's totally different? [duplicate]

There is this question: Why does changing a css class name break the styles? that reminded me of this question: Why row won't show up? but only after the answer was given, which was that it was caused ...
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How similar does a question need to be to another to be marked as a duplicate? [duplicate]

This question has been dupe-hammered by Jens earlier today. It has been reopened (and reclosed) since; but my question about the validity of dupe votes remains. Quick summary of the question: OP ...
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Can we please answer questions about NullPointerException before closing them as duplicates of /q/218384? [duplicate]

Occasionally, users ask questions about solving NullPointerExceptions in Java programs and get their questions closed as duplicates of What is a NullPointerException, and how do I fix it? before ...
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A duplicate (or near-duplicate) answer doesn't automatically mean that a question is a duplicate [duplicate]

As has been discussed before and answered, more than once, duplicate answers may suggest, but do not prove, that questions are duplicates. That said, please consider this question: Determine if string ...
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Should I answer duplicates, should I vote on them all? [duplicate]

I recently discovered three questions that were arguably duplicates. What does the pipe operator do in SQL? What does the pipe/veritcal bar character mean in TSQL? What does the pipe do in this T-...
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Should I mark as a duplicate if the questions are close (not truly duplicate) and the same answer applies? [duplicate]

I saw add a hover effect over an image (better practices) CSS just now and thought to myself "This seems familiar, I'm fairly sure I answered something like this in the past". Sure enough, a couple ...
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Is a question a duplicate when it has the same answers? [duplicate]

This question: Assign variable content to object property name was just marked as a duplicate of How do I add a property to a JavaScript object using a variable as the name? The first question is ...
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Are we not allowed to close this question asked by a staff member?

An SO staff member asked an interesting question here: Overriding :root CSS variables from inner scopes which is, at least for me, a perfect duplicate of another one: CSS scoped custom property ...
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Is my Question not a Duplicate of Another?

Firstly, I apologize for how long this question is. I am still a fairly inexperienced member, and I've run into a very odd situation which makes me somewhat confused about what the best actions would ...
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A duplicate explains an OP's question, but it's for another language. VTC?

Abstract Question A question was asked for a specific language (Kotlin). An answer exists for a different language (Java). The answer for the Java post applies to the question tagged Kotlin. Would it ...
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Should we consider answers when closing questions as duplicates?

I stumbled upon the following question in the reopen queue: Checking if a number is a prime number in Python The question the user wants answered boils down to a trivial error in a while-loop (in a ...
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Is closing as a duplicate being 'horrible'?

I recently came across this question, which was suggesting that the OP is: new to the site. new to css. The OP was asking if the float property was interfering with their selection. It was observed ...
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Marking a question as a duplicate of a question whose body contains the answer

Let's suppose we have a question Q1 like: I know that when we do X, Y happens, and so you get Z. So, How can I use X to get W? This question contains answers on how to get W by using X. Now, we ...
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Is there a way to accept an answer from another question?

I asked a question concerning git here Why are my local changes not being removed by git reset? After some back and forth with other users, and a few hours banging away at my computer, I discovered ...
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How can we make it easier to find non-jQuery answers

I get really fed up when the most popular question on a given JS subject asks for jQuery answers and as a result, jQuery-free answers are hard to find. For instance, I just came across How can I ...
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