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Problematic PHP Cryptography Advice in Popular Questions

Update 2015-07-22: The specific problems listed below have, for the most part, been remedied. More work remains to be done to clean up other instances of insecure code or bad security advice. If ...
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Please don't just approve trivial suggested edits - rather improve the edit per the scope

Editing a question/answer is good, as far as it makes some sense and really improves the post. Reviewing a suggested edit is a responsibility and not just a matter of formality. A single-character ...
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Bad edit (suggestion) comment "Fixed formatting"

How can I encourage an (<2K rep) editor to comment correctly about their edit? This suggestion was declared as "fixed formatting" but indeed was a rework of the whole text part of the post. (As I ...
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Reminding people to pay attention and use skip when reviewing

This is a recurring issue on the site: 2014 There is no shame in using "Skip" Let us bring an end to the "robo-reviewer" war: Phase 1 - 2 Are we supposed to flag bad reviews? ...
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What to do when I find a user suggesting a large number of trivial edits?

While reviewing posts, I sometimes find a user who suggests a large number of trivial edits. For example just adding or removing a single tag with no other changes, or only removing "thanks" from ...
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Am I being too harsh with edit suggestions reviews?

I have done an acceptable number of edit suggestions review, and I think I'm somewhat trying to stay up to date with meta on what we should be accepting or rejecting. For instance, I have been ...
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Why was this particular edit rejected?

The link is dead and I updated it using WayBackMachine, and it seems 3 out of 4 reviewers think the edit is "superfluous".
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"Reject and Edit" - Reviewers with oddly high "reject" numbers that supply similar edits afterwards?

Looking though my edit history I came across an odd edit rejection: When I tried to find out what I should have done better and looked at the revision history I saw only one edit, which was rather ...
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Improving the quality of tag only edit approvals

I did a preliminary search on this, it's probably a dup, but I can't find it. Besides, it's just to open this idea for discussion. I was talking to an OP in comments to clarify the question and ...
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Why simply "Approve" or "Reject" suggested edits after 2000 rep?

After 2000 rep, I'm able to edit posts and have the changes immediately take effect. However, if I see a suggested edit from someone without that privilege, my review options fall into two categories: ...
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Reviewers Disagreeing about Reviews

TLDR What procedures are recommended when disagreeing with a another user's review? forgive me if there is a dup case study I have a ping that leads me to this question and the comment below: ...
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Multiple edits rejected by same person

I have a bit of a complaint to make. I've been trying to edit a lot of posts, to help contribute to the SO community and get reputation, but I've been seeing a lot of the same people reviewing my ...
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