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Posting an intentionally too broad/unclear catch-all question [duplicate]

Imagine that someone is putting great effort into writing a "catch-all" question with answers for a certain topic. The answers mostly already exist in one form or another, but this question is meant ...
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Posting bible-size answers might not properly help readers [duplicate]

I might be a lazy reader but I don't think bible size answers could properly help once you have to go through a thousands paragraphs to might understand the point and take what you need from it. ...
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How does this system support questions about symptoms that have multiple root causes? [duplicate]

It's a theme in service management frameworks, such as ITIL. A symptom can have multiple root causes. There are cases of unique root causes, that do not get coverage, because they duplicate a question ...
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Why is this question not moderated, even though it doesn't follow site guidelines? [duplicate]

I’ve found a question that has many upvotes but it doesn’t fit Stack Overflow guidelines, so why hasn’t it been moderated? How do you disable browser autocomplete on web form field / input tags? The ...
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Do the rules for writing a question for a Q&A post differ from the rules which are followed when writing a question you are not planning to answer? [duplicate]

It is often emphasized (here, here, and often in chat, comments), that a post should contain only one question. However, I often encounter a post with multiple questions and answers to all of them by ...
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Why is "Can someone help me?" not an actual question?

To an asker, their question seems pretty good. They've explained the context of their project, there's a detailed list of what they want to accomplish, and they've shown what they have tried / their ...
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Should one answer terribly poor questions?

I've been reading Stack Overflow questions and answers for a long time now, probably 5 years now, always my first try on Google, and I have always loved the quality of both the questions and the ...
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Is it okay to answer about software that is no longer maintained with different software?

I am a big fan of web automation and scraping. Recently I started answering questions related to such in JavaScript, but I noticed people still use some popular, but non-maintained software which can ...
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Process for nominating and promoting canonical questions

In the bash tag, we get a lot of duplicates. Off the cuff, I would speculate that 10-20% of all Bash questions are reiterations of maybe 50 common questions -- basic quoting, variables, syntax, ...
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I can't add a tag because I have less than 1500 reputation points

I wanted to ask a question about a new framework, and that framework doesn't have a tag on Stack Overflow. I added the tag name inside the tags field, but I couldn't add the question because I can't ...
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Can we make moderator mail/responses more helpful and, so to say, humane?

Some time ago I was approached by a moderator for a perfectly valid reason, but the way it was done left me rather bewildered. Up to this day I have no idea what to make of it and whether it's ...
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Error reference collections - Bane or Boon?

2 weeks ago, this was posted on javascript: This is basically a collection of explanations of common ...
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Suggestion: canonical Community Wiki "why Stack Overflow has/uses/allows downvotes" question

This would allow for a single question that outlines all of the points that are brought up every time this question is re-asked. We could also move some of the (very good) answers from the most recent ...
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FAQ Index for Stack Overflow

Community FAQ (For Stack Overflow and Meta Stack Overflow) For official guidance from Stack Exchange, visit the Help Center. Stack Overflow is part of a wider network; for issues that apply to Stack ...
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What is a beginner-oriented canonical Q&A and how can it help me curate my watched tags?

This is intended to be a light satire to assist would-be site curators who find that the tags they're most interested in are flooded with low-quality questions, but who either misuse What is a ...
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