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How to "un-decline" a flag raised for an answer edited afterwards? [duplicate]

I flagged the following "answer" as "not an answer": +1 Would like to do the same thing Dis you find a solution? which IMHO is perfectly fine to flag. Afterwards the post was edited and ...
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Why were my older close flags "aged away"?

I have raised 373 flags . 240 deemed helpful . 7 declined . 5 disputed. 1 commented flag declined. Before few hours ago there were 115 flags for review. But now there are only 49 ...
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A moderator deleted someone's good post and it's my fault

The question Firefox does not pick up css received this answer: You have some mistakes in your css code that you need to fix. This site is good for validating code:
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Not an answer flag declined because post was edited 2 days afterwards

I flagged this answer as not an answer when the answer was posted. Two days later he edited his complete "not-answer" so it became an answer. Now 4 days later the flag was declined. I'm a bit annoyed ...
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Flagged post change caused my flag to be declined

Two days ago, I flagged this post as "not an answer". Since then, it was edited twice into a good answer, which I believe was the reason for my flag being declined. Two things: I see that too many ...
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Why can't you retract NAA flags after author-edit?

One of my recent flags was an NAA and was declined because "the moderator found no evidence to support...", but the answer was edited by the author much later to add context to their drive-...
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Why were the flags I raised to these two answers declined?

I flagged the following two answers as link-only answers (before they were edited): 1st answer (revision history) 2nd answer (revision history) However, both of my flags were declined. Why? Why is ...
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Flag declined because of subsequent edit

At this time I flagged this answer it was a link-only answer (I used VLQ). Later someone edited it to add some content from the link, and a moderator declined my flag (correctly, since at that point ...
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What happens when a question or answer is updated after I raise a flag?

I came across an answer that was a one-line suggestion to the OP and could have been a comment. When I attempted to explain this to the poster, they disagreed, so I raised a not-an-answer flag. Some ...
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Declined flag - not an answer after edit [duplicate]

I recently reported this post when it popped up on the site. After flagging as "Not an Answer", I moved on and continued answering questions on the site. Today, I log into my account, and I see this: ...
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