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Is it true that if someone reaches 200k reputation they get a painting with a unicorn on it?

I've seen a blog post with Jon Skeet on it holding a painting of a unicorn with the title "What happens if you reach 200k reputation?"
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Do users still get the "package" when their rep reaches 100k?

By accident I get to know that user whose rep reached 100k will get a "present package" from Stack Overflow. Also I found the following link: What do I get with 100k reputation? My rep hit ...
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Where is my box of Stack Overflow swag?

That question title isn't intended to sound demanding, I'm just unsure how to word it better. So a while ago, I received an email from Robert Cartaino titled Stack Overflow — You're killing it: It's ...
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Veterans, have you ever received gratuity through SO?

This is something that has been on my mind for a while. I've seen a lot of users who have placed links to PayPal, Patreon and so on, on their profile page, for other users to "say thanks". One such ...
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Does SO still send swag on reaching 100k reputation?

After reading some recent meta posts, it's not clear to me if users still get swag when their rep reaches 100k. Can someone confirm or deny this?
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Can I have "real world" badges?

Some of the badges on Stack Overflow denote some significant amount of effort. It'd quite like to be able to discreetly brag in the real world. Has the possibility of little enamel pins or similar ...
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Can we definitely say goodbye to swag?

After reaching 100K reputation last year I got this message: Because we are in the process of setting up with a new swag vendor, we are not currently sending out swag. Once we've completed that ...
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Why is there no badge or acknowledgement for impact?

Recently, my impact crossed 100K, and I had been anticipating a badge or acknowledgement (don't pin me down for anticipating), but I didn't get anything. Now, when you hover over impact, it says, ...
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What happens when users reach 1m rep - does Stack Overflow do anything to reward them?

Some users are fast approaching a reputation score of 1 million. Does Stack Overflow do anything about this? Is there a hall of fame? I know some argue that the reputation score is relative to ...
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What are the incentives for gaining reputation? [duplicate]

I understand how different privileges unlock, and how you can gain access to different parts of SO with more reputation. However, is there any other incentive to gain reputation other than the SO ...
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Is there any way to get Stack Overflow swag through competitions or challenges or any other way?

I am a newcomer with skills in C++ and Java, also holding hands on HackerRank and HackerEarth. Any quick ways to get swags through Stack Overflow or any other sites?
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Where's my quarter-million swag? [closed]

On August 25th I reached the milestone of 250,000 reputation on Stack Overflow, and received an email offering swag. I filled out the form, but it's been six weeks and I haven't received anything. I ...
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