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Please rename the "Should be improved" button

The HIQ is currently full of questions that indeed can be improved, as they don't contain enough details, however that's not the purpose of the HIQ. Should be improved seems to be incorrectly ...
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Allow special comments to be passed to H&I queue from Triage

I was just reviewing a few posts in a row in Triage that all (hopefully) got sent to the Help and Improvement review queue and was annoyed to realize that, in the time it took to determine that I ...
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Is the "Help and Improvement" queue just bad-question purgatory?

The Problem I keep trying to review questions in the Help and Improvement queue, but I'm finding it impossible. The only action options are Edit and Skip, but every question I have seen is ...
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Request for additional confirmation if reviewer picks Requires Editing at question with many votes down and close

Suggest to perform a-b-testing of a feature such that when Triage reviewer picks Requires Editing on a question with multiple votes down and close (say 3-4) system would show them additional popup ...
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Review Triage - What should I do if the question requires information from the OP?

This is not a duplicate of the marked question! Please note that this question is not about whether "Requires Editing" is appropriate if the editing needs to be done by the OP (it is not). This ...
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What's the point of the "Very low quality" flag action, in "Help and Improvement" reviews? Where's the downvote / close option?

In the "Help and Improvement" review queue, there are 3 possible actions to complete the review: Edit Skip And, a little more obscure: A link saying "question is very low quality", which flags the ...
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Help and Improvement review queue difficult to use?

Can someone tell me how to work with the Help and Improvement review queue? I just tried it and I failed. I found a lot of the following types of entries: Posts I could not improve since they are out ...
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Help and Improvement queue is confusing and half the questions don't need editing [duplicate]

Many questions don't require "editing" as such, but more information (code, errors, etc.) or clarification. I can leave a comment and "skip" this review task, but I did what was needed: leave a ...
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Dispute on undisputably low quality question

14 hours ago, I downvoted and flagged this awful question as "Very Low Quality". The question's 1st revision was three poorly-spelled bad questions in one about Broadleaf Commerce, along with a ...
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Suggestion for rewording of triage review guidance

There are three categories. Looks OK: Looks OK for questions that can be found, understood and answered as-is And that looks OK. One might want to consider adding in a bit about formatting, but ...
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Flagging questions in Help and Improvement

Been noodling around in Help & Improvement recently. Whenever I see a question that I think is too vague to be editable, I've been flagging it as "very low quality". However, I noticed that an ...
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'Help and Improvement' needs help [duplicate]

It looks to me as if the help and improvement queue contains the debris resulting from some confused individuals processing the Triage queue. All the question I see in there need closure. Maybe a few ...