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Are duplicate answers acceptable? [duplicate]

I happened to notice How to shorten switch case block converting a number to a month name?. Two of the answers are almost exactly the same (except whitespace) and both are nearly identical to the ...
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Answering an old question with duplicate answer [duplicate]

This question (In a SELECT statement(MS SQL) how do you trim a string) was asked 6 years ago, has 120K+ views and received many answers. It's been inactive for over a year, and before that, 3 years ...
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This review is obviously an audit. Is this a bug?

There are many easy ways to tell that a review task is really an audit. You can just visit the link for more information about the actual post before making a decision. You can examine timestamps. ...
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Comments timestamps can give away a review audit [duplicate]

I just got this review audit in the Triage queue. This is what it looked like before I clicked anything: The votes have been removed and the question timestamp reset to hide its audit status, but ...
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What should we do when a question is getting a lot of redundant answers? [duplicate]

Time to time I see questions that are rather old that have a lot of repeated answers. In general the repeated answers were posted at the same time, so that makes sense. But some after a while start ...
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Process for nominating and promoting canonical questions

In the bash tag, we get a lot of duplicates. Off the cuff, I would speculate that 10-20% of all Bash questions are reiterations of maybe 50 common questions -- basic quoting, variables, syntax, ...
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What to do with duplicated answers?

What should we do when there are two answers that are the same? If I see two answers with some difference between their publication time, and the newer contains almost exactly the same code as than ...
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Duplicate answer

I was editing my answer to this question, when I got a popup that another answer was posted. After I saved my changes, it turned out that the other answer was a duplicate of my own answer. I couldn'...
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Does it make sense to remove completely duplicate answers

A lot of time, when I look for answers on SO I find big amount of completely duplicate answers which do not bring any value at all, but for historical reasons they are here and some of them are even ...
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How to deal with duplicate answers [duplicate]

A lot of times I'll be looking at a question and there will be one or two really great answers. *Upvote!* Give it 2-3 minutes and the same exact answers will show up again from different users, ...
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