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Flag Duplicate Answers on the same Question

Often there are questions like this What's the meaning of "=>" (an arrow formed from equals & greater than) in JavaScript? where people don't really know the answer but search it ...
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How to deal with duplicate answers [duplicate]

A lot of times I'll be looking at a question and there will be one or two really great answers. *Upvote!* Give it 2-3 minutes and the same exact answers will show up again from different users, ...
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My answer was duplicated a minute after mine was posted. Was my downvote reasonable? [duplicate]

I recently answered this post: Error on findViewById - Subsampling Scale Image View - Android and a minute later it got another answer which was the same as mine but actually less useful as mine ...
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Identical answer posted long time after the first one. How to deal with it? [duplicate]

This answer is identical to this. No additional value added Posted long time after the first one As such behaviour is not tolerable - how to deal with it? Only downvote? I want to flag it - can I ...
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What do we do if someone has copied the code from one's answer for their own answer [duplicate]

I have posted an answer here. I was the first to do so and then I noticed this morning some other user after me has copied my welcome controller code and then his answer got accepted on the same ...
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When your Answer is too similar for comfort to another that popped up while you wrote it [duplicate]

Recently, it happened more then once to me that I was typing an answer, and while I was typing it had to go do something first, so I did that thing first and then returned to typing my answer. However,...
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What is the most appropriate way to behave when more users concurrently propose the same solution to a question?

Original post I am relatively new to SO and although I understand the basic rules of the site there is a more ethical mater that I don't know how to handle. Another user and I provided our own ...
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What should I do with an answer, which brings nothing new compared to already given ones?

I lately often see answers which repeats or just brings the same idea as the one(s) that have already been posted. I deem it as a simple chase of points, as if (arguably) better wording or something ...
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Are similar answers bad?

I just recently got downvoted twice because I posted an answer that was similar, note not the same, as an existing one a couple of minutes beforehand. I also only saw the other answer after I finished ...
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Should I post a duplicate answer if the other answer could be improved?

In general when I answer a question, I try to explain my answer, which takes some time to write out. When the question is pretty simple to answer, this sometimes means that someone else will post a ...
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Edit vs New Answer

I found a question which already has an answer, and my answer would be very similar. In this case, what I should do: Edit the current posted answer, this way it would make his answer more complete ...
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How to handle exact duplicate answers (timespan > 2 years)

This answer was posted some minutes ago, this answer over two years ago. The newer answer is (basically) exactly the same, suggesting the exact same code construct. I found this related question ...
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Should possible duplicate answers be flagged for special moderator attention?

I was reviewing First Posts yesterday and came across this answer that I believe doesn't add anything new that the well-established accepted answer doesn't already cover. In the past I've wanted to ...
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How should you treat an answer on question that is a duplicate? [duplicate]

If a question is similar to any other post, we mark it as duplicate and close it. I have refered Answering a question, then closing it as duplicate, and even I agree that we should not answer a ...
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Plagarism. When is a similar conclusion acceptable?

Probably asked, but really just stating a case here and really not going for the "meta effect" that I have read before, but here is the link anyway: Get range of values with group by clause in ...
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