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Edits Rejected because they conflict with a subsequent edit shouldn't count as a rejected edit on profile [duplicate]

I edited a question for formatting today and received two Approved reviews before it was rejected for conflicting with a subsequent edit because a user with enough rep to automatically make edits made ...
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Edit rejections conflicting with previous edits should not be reflected in a user's "rejected edits" statistics [duplicate]

This is a request to change how we handle rejected edits that are solely rejected because they conflict with a previous edit. I went looking to find out if these rejections are reflected in a user's ...
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Why are subsequent edit conflicts included in a user’s rejected suggestions total? [duplicate]

If “Community” rejects an edit because it “conflicted with a subsequent edit”, that’s okay and an indication for healthy participation. The reasons for these rejects have been discussed multiple times....
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Should rejected edits from overlaps be counted as rejected? [duplicate]

I came across this question earlier: Is this edit scenario a bug? Many users with <2000 reputation consistently make edits to posts to improve upon. As a user with more than 2000 reputation ...
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Overlapping edits rejected by Community should be disputed [duplicate]

Some of my suggested edits are rejected by Community due to overlapping edits. This edit conflicted with a subsequent edit. Is it possible to label it Disputed instead. Labelling it Disputed ...
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Edit conflicts should categorize as "cancelled" instead of "rejected"

The Situation For those of us with <2k reputation, it can be tough to see your diligently submitted edit get rejected for this reason: "This edit conflicted with a subsequent edit." The thing ...
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Edit rejected that shouldn't have been rejected: is there a way to make it disappear from my log?

I proposed this edit and it was rejected. The reason: "This edit deviates from the original intent of the post" which is clearly false because I was just formatting the text. Actually, after my ...
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Auto-correct bot for common errors [duplicate]

Wikipedia uses bots to do some of the edits and also to correct errors. I wonder if we can have a similar system and rely on bots here to correct common errors? Then instead of editing posts manually, ...
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Are edits which are accepted by the OP listed as his edits?

I have edited Calling a slide panel with CSS and Java with some effort and then my edit request was canceled because the OP has made an edit - which is the same as mine? I'm pretty confused right now....
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formatting edit denied after user edited question and not shown in history

See my edit suggestion here: It originally only added formatting to the question, which the question did a terrible job at, but since it was ...
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Distinction between peer reviewed rejection of edits and automatic rejection of conflicting edits [duplicate]

Edits by users with a reputation of 2000 or more are automatically accepted and do not have to be peer reviewed. The consequence is that (better or worse) not yet reviewed conflicting edits of users ...
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Why is my conflicted edit counted as rejected suggestions?

I'm a little bit confused about my latest edit which was rejected, due to a conflict. Now I've got an other rejected edit, which somehow reflecs badly on me. Like this Answer says: Automatic ...
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