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Should I post a question that I'm going to immediately close as a duplicate? [duplicate]

Last week, I finally found something to ask on Stack Overflow! I kept track of my research and knocked out a bare-bones replication of the problem. I typed out the question and pasted it into the Ask ...
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Is it acceptable to ask a question intending to mark it as duplicate? [duplicate]

I ran into a situation that 10 minutes searching could not give me an answer to, and decide to post the question to StackOverflow. While writing the question, the "Questions that may already have ...
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Should I create signpost (duplicate) questions on purpose? [duplicate]

I was just looking for an answer to a question and did not find it. Therefore, I was about to post my own question. But after a lot more digging, I finally found the answer on SO. Should I now post my ...
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Should I ask a question that I know is a duplicate and then flag it myself? [duplicate]

I remember reading somewhere that Stack Exchange sites benefit from some amount of duplication to improve the surface area of searches. If I've thought of a way to phrase a question very differently ...
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If I find the answer to a question I'm writing, should I still post it? [duplicate]

I'm currently writing a question and I've come across a similar question with a suitable answer. Should I still post my question that might get marked as a duplicate?
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Can I ask the same question in order to improve searchability? [duplicate]

I want to ask the question How do I drop a MongoDB database using PyMongo? However, StackOverflow already contains an answer to my question but on a question with a markedly different wording than ...
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Is there value in asking a question that there already is an answer to? [duplicate]

I was looking for the answer to a question and I couldn't find anything. So my own question, was ready to post it, then paused to look at the "Similar questions". After scrolling for quite a ...
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Is it wrong to use an upvote to balance out a downvote?

I know I can upvote any post for any reason, but consider this situation: I see a zero score post, and I don't think it needs either an upvote or downvote. Suddenly it gets a downvote, but I think ...
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Should good duplicates be up voted - then closed? [duplicate]

Plenty of questions are duplicates of others, for instance: How to checkout only one file ...
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I found an answer but the question was very different from mine. How can I make the answer easier to find for other people?

I almost always find an answer to a question I have on the internet. Often though the context where the answer is presented is very different from the question I initially had. Many questions also ...
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Voting stats for "desperate accept" answers

I am looking for voting statistics on the answers to questions that are: Quickly closed (within 1 hour after posting) Have a single answer Aren't eligible for "roomba deletion" only because ...
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Is there/should there be a feature to alias/suggest duplication without making a full question post?

Sometimes I'll want to ask a question and then only after some digging realize there is another question that mine would be a duplicate of at which point I don't ask the question. However, if I had ...
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What is the correct action when I see that I have made a duplicate? [duplicate]

Sometimes I ask questions and then later see that another earlier question has already provided the answer. If there is no answer or additional helpful information on my question I will often delete ...
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Ask a question whose duplicate exists but is low quality

I've hypothetically identified a low quality question with an acceptable but not accepted answer. It has been established that one could re-ask a question and immediately close it as duplicate: ...
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