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Why does "people reached" use the full amount of views for late answers? [duplicate]

My profile section on Stack Overflow says I impacted 2.2m people. Great, I love it, happy to help etc etc. However, this just incorrect, it used to be 500k~ for the past year or so, and only recently ...
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Why did my impact count decrease? [duplicate]

My people impact was around 80k+ till yesterday but today it got down to 3K, I want to know why it got reduced to 3k. Also, I want to understand the full mechanism behind this process. Edit:- After ...
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What is the meaning People reached in Profile [duplicate]

In the new profile under the Impact section i can see something like people reached. In my profile it is showing as 68K. So question here is what is the that people reached whats the stat behind it.
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What happened to reach? [duplicate]

So.. First I noticed is this behavoiour and I've asked a question: How did I reach so many people overnight? Today, it's reversed situation which means that my reach fell for 300k. What's wrong ...
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On Stack Overflow, "IMPACT ... people reached" [duplicate]

In my account there is an area called IMPACT. Earlier it has showed 116k reached, but after I have got 2000 reputation points, it has now changed to IMPACT ~65k people reached Why does this ...
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Why did my "People reached" decrease from 22k to 10k? [duplicate]

A few days ago, I asked this question about "People Reached" on Meta Stack Exchange. Today I noticed that after upvoting others' answers in that question, and refreshing, my "people reached" count ...
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Display of impact calculation? [duplicate]

My impact reached is showing 1k but I know it is be higher. For example, it could be 1200 which is greater than 1k. Another example is a user has 654k reputation but it shows like 654,234 on his ...
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Impact Estimation (Number of people reached, shown in profile): Defect? [duplicate]

Only a few hours back, my profile had ~1k people reached. Now, I've ~7k people reached. Reason?? - I have just provided an answer to a question that already had ~6k views. This makes me think ...
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How often is the 'People Reached' counter updated? [duplicate]

I have the habit of checking my own profile every now and then just to see how it looks. By the beginning of this week, I had "reached" roughly 6 thousand people. Today, I checked it again and this ...
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How does impact (people reached) increase drastically [duplicate]

My impact was 456k the previous day, and the next day it was 1.2m. How can impact change soo drastically?!
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Why is my "Impact and people reached" fluctuating? [duplicate]

I do understand that the "People reached" number is a rough estimate of how many views all your answers, comments or questions have, and that this number can jump a little bit, caused by up- and down ...
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How does "nk people reached" work on stackexchange sites? [duplicate]

How does "Nunber k people reached" work on stackexchange sites? I have seen "number k people reached" column increasing and decreasing on my stackoverflow profile. I recently deleted an answer from ...
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Will Stack Overflow celebrate the 10M question milestone?

It seems like it would be a big(-ish) deal. 10,000,000 questions on Stack Overflow. Or is it only me?
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What is the average impact score on Stack Overflow?

I have reached about 123k users. I was just wondering how this compares to other users on the site. What is the average of the impact score of all users on Stack Overflow?
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Does edits to questions and answers on other OPs get accounted for in my IMPACT calculation?

I'm just curious about the IMPACT section. To understand how the impact is calculated, I've read other posts like: How is impact calculated in the profile view What is the meaning People reached in ...
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