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How to Partially Answer My Own Question: Protocol

I have a question here: Matplotlib: 3D Scatter plots not recognizing labels I got one answer that didn't work for me, but I then found a solution that mostly works, so I posted this as an answer. ...
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Can we see which moderators are active and their activity (at least percentage) in flag queues?

I am not a flagger-man, 'til today I've done 9 flags... And those were simple flags. But all them waited hours 'til one moderator took action. StackOverflow is a big site, with a lot of flags (I ...
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How do I decide on who to vote for in elections?

I see that I'm asked to participate in elections. I've not really much interest in reviewing the behavior of each candidate and looking to see if they behave the way I like or not. Like a lot of ...
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User spamming edits removing only "Thanks" [duplicate]

I just rejected multiple edits by a single user since he only removed the "Thanks" or "Thanks in advance" part of any answer. After looking at the users history of reputation change I saw that he got ...
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Can votes be changed in election phase?

I see only 20 of the 29 candidates have answered the questionnaire. Some of the candidates likely to make it the election phase of the election have not answered the questionnaire yet. I want to vote ...
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Should we close old moderator election threads?

Right now, we have a lot of old announcements related to long-past moderator elections. Some of them have been closed as "can no longer be reproduced" (e.g. Autumn 2015 Community Moderator Election, ...
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Remove the limit on deletions for old zero vote posts

Inspired by the new profile page, I was attempting to clean up some cruft. Deleting my old answers (more than 30 days old) with no votes (up or down) and other answers. But there is a limit of 5 ...
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