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2015 Moderator Election Q&A - Question Collection

In connection with the moderator elections, we will be holding a Q&A with the candidates. This will be an opportunity for members of the community to pose questions to the candidates on the topic ...
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"Too minor" edits - better to leave poor quality on the site?

I have seen a few posts recently on this meta site that make me wonder about "minor edits": Review ban because of approving burninate tag edits What is wrong with minor edits? When an edit only fixes ...
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A car with square wheels

If a question is posed How do I fit this square here on this here car so that it gives a smooth ride? and it comes with all the requisites to be a valid SO question (description, code, error ...
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Can a machine be taught to flag comments automatically?

TL;DR: Yes it can. Background On June 27, 2014 Skynet awoke. It looked at Stack Overflow and thought "Why are all these people being so chatty and talking about obsolete things? I should nuke ...
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When to flag an answer as "not an answer"

With respect to some flag rejection messages I received recently, the following seems to be a few of the guidelines for judging an answer: If it's an incorrect answer, downvote it. If you don't agree ...
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Why was BalusC temporarily suspended from SO?

I hope this is the right place to ask this, but I was just browsing the JSF tag and saw BalusC, one of SO's top users, was banned. See Now I looked at the ...
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Did we really have to delete this 80-vote community wiki answer after three years?

What are alternatives to ExtJS? The question had 65 upvotes and 57 stars. The top answer had 82 upvotes and it was community wiki. The question had also been closed for three years. A few days ago it ...
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In Stack Overflow elections, should the vote counts be hidden until after the election?

In the current Stack Overflow election, I noticed that the vote counts are displayed alongside each candidate. I wonder whether this leads to a 'hive mind' where people who already have a lot of votes ...
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2015 Moderator Candidate Activity Profiles

I've generated weekly histograms of activity for each of the current 2015 election candidates, combining SO, MSO, and MSE activity. This data consists of the total counts, per week, of publicly ...
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How might I better prepare myself for the next moderator election?

I've been a Stack Overflow user for more than 6 years and I've seen many moderator elections. Like many, each election wakes up an urge inside to run for moderator. I'll usually write my pitch, using ...
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Fix the mod ragequit message template to not sound like a jerk

There was a recent hubbub over the suspension of a user in good standing over some post deletions. The details are not important, but he posted the moderator message he received alongside the ban. ...
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Election Process - Q&A Required?

Now that the election process has moved into the final stage, I was carefully looking over the final candidates to place my votes. It occurred to me that 3 of the final 10 didn't bother to do the ...
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Is there a place where I can see information (chatrooms, Q&A, and results) for previous elections?

The text for all of the Stack Overflow elections appear to change retrospectively so that when one changes, e.g. to update the link to the "The candidates answer your questions" or the Election Chat ...
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Only 10% voted this time, How to increase total number of votes/ voters in next election?

At the end results are declared. Congrats to new moderators. One bad thing is that for this election is, there 272,611 voters were eligible and voted only just 27,019. Meaning is that out of total ...
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2015 Election Live Vote Monitor

Updated for the November 2015 election! I wrote a live election activity monitor which you can use to see the current status and watch the votes live; it shows the cutoff line for the final phase as ...
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