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Stack Overflow vs. Stack Overflow - What can we as a community do to improve the relationship with the company that backs us?

The relationship between us, the community, and the company is far from perfect. Yet we depend on each other: Stack Overflow (the community) would not exist without Stack Overflow (the company) ...
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Stack Overflow text input should have basic IDE-like tabbing/indentation support

Intro There are a few posts related to this (namely Tabbing multiple lines of code on Stack Overflow, Tabbing multiple lines of code on Stack Overflow, and notably Markdown editor indent and outdent ...
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Is there a way to indent a chunk of code? [duplicate]

When formatting a question, I usually copy and paste the code that I want examined. But it is somewhat cumbersome to have to indent every line of code by 4 spaces, is there a more efficient way of ...
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Will the Stack Overflow editor ever get better?

The editor for Stack Overflow just doesn't seem to be functional for editing bigger blocks of code. At the very least it would be nice to have a block indent/unindent feature. As a sidenote, could ...
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Blockwise indentation [duplicate]

When I paste code into the text editor, sometimes I have to indent multiple lines to make it look well. So I start to hit the space bar multiple times for each code line until the code is formatted ...
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Using Code Snippet's JavaScript Tidy option to indent code of other languages

I've been using the JavaScript Tidy option in the Code Snippet popup to edit and indent code in Java posts. I far as I know it works perfectly fine with Java. Is it OK to do so? What other languages ...
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Feedback Requested: Code Editor and Stack Snippets

You probably all know about Stack Snippets (a.k.a. "JavaScript/HTML/CSS Snippets"), which we introduced almost a year ago. You probably also know that Stack Snippets are routinely misused for ...
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Preferences option to enable tab-key space inserting [duplicate]

I would like to request enabling the Tab key to insert 4 spaces, just like Ctrl+K does, but for multiple levels of code. That would make it a lot easier to write small bits of code when needed, ...
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Indent and outdent function in editor [duplicate]

Topic Extending the source code editor with two buttons for indenting and outdenting source code by 4 characters. Problem Editing long and not well formatted (foreign) source code is sometimes ...
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Why does the tab key not work while writing questions/answers? [duplicate]

While I write a question/answer on Stack Overflow, and I want paste code, it does not always paste correctly formatted. For example: void helloworldSpammer(int times) { for(int ...
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Auto indent new line within a code block

When you type a code, and you press enter, the new line should be filled with x*4 spaces or x tabs. It's not that comfortable to copy tabs/spaces from the previous line, or paste the code to notepad, ...
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Tab usage in Q-A section as in Documentation [duplicate]

I've found out that I can use tab while writing Examples in Documentations. It makes writing code easier while writing a question or answering one. Are you planning to implement this in Q-A too?
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How do I remove excess indentation on my code blocks?

This happens to me a lot on Stack Overflow: I paste in some code, but it is indented to the right far too much. This requires cumbersome horizontal scrolling to view all of the code, and oftentimes ...
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Why is there no auto-indent? [duplicate]

More often than not, we're pasting code into a SO question or answer, and if/because it's properly indented, ctrl+k or the {} button is enough to properly format it. But once in a while, I write code ...
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Allow for tabbing within textarea input boxes [duplicate]

Bootply allows for tabbing within textarea input boxes, which makes it much easier to format code properly. On SO hitting Tab moves my cursor to the next input. Is there any reason why this is not ...