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Code searching at the end of 2022

Tl;Dr: As of November 2022, is Google still the best option to search for posts including specific code methods? I'm trying to find questions with code generated by the Google Sheets Macro Recorder. ...
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Please enable "symbol" search

I wanted to read about ?? in PHP. I searched, It returns 0 results. But there are good questions, like C#'s null coalescing operator (??) in PHP, ...
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Improving search on Stack Overflow [duplicate]

Currently, Stack Overflow has a powerful search capability which is very useful. But I believe it could be even more useful, given that so many of it's users are working in highly technical fields, ...
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Search not finding methods in code searched for by name

I was searching for a specific topic using the keyword "UseOAuthAuthentication": Unfortunately, the results did not include Integrating ASP....
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Why aren't we told we can use special characters in search?

Until today, I wasn't aware of the ability to search for code with special symbols within our normal search. It's actually easy: Instead of #include, search for code:#include. (There appear to be some ...
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Search for !! yields nothing [duplicate]

This question has the title: What is the !! (not not) operator in JavaScript? Yet searching for !! doesn't find it, why is that? Is ! removed from searches for security reasons?
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How to direct users to JavaScript arrow function answer?

I just saw this question closed as a duplicate. Which is fine, except that it is very difficult to find the one it's a dupe of if you don't know what you're searching for. I actually answered an ...
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Deleting an answer on a low quality question?

I recently answered a question which was poor quality, it was pointed out to me that I shouldn't have done this. I commented asking whether to delete it but I think the question itself was removed ...
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How can I search for backquotes? [duplicate]

I want to search for literal backquotes in questions and answers that do not serve as <code>-like markdown markup. Neither a literal backquote `, a double quoted "`" nor an escaped backquote ...
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How to search for C# [duplicate]

The title says it all. On StackOverflow, If I do search "C#" (with or without quotes), it will show results contains "C", "C++", "C#", or anything that has "C" in it - but not exclusively "C#" ...
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Searching for a phrase including square brackets - how to make it work? [duplicate]

The general reason I'm asking is the small heap of duplicates to this popular Python question. The heap is evergrowing, including e.g. this duplicate posted just now. The specific reason I'm asking ...
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Make the search engine recognize (and not ignore) symbols such as ? . , and etc [duplicate]

I made a question, What does the ?. mean in C#?, and it had almost identical duplicate (What does question mark and dot operator ?. mean in C# 6.0?); I couldn't find it because when I first wrote my ...
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