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Has the review process of moderator flags been changed? [duplicate]

In three and a half years, I've had 6 flags disputed, and in the last few weeks I've had 9 flags disputed. I know it doesn't count towards me, but it still annoys me since it either means that I'm ...
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How does the Triage review queue work?

I recently got the privilege to review questions in Triage, and I'm pretty sure I'm already doing it wrong. I've read some of the Q&A about the Triage review queue here on Meta, but I was ...
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Is there any hard evidence that audits improve review quality?

Has anyone produced any hard data showing that the current audit system is actually improving review quality? I'd love to see data about number of audit failures that were actually merited vs ...
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We should clean up posts that should be improved but haven't been and won't be

It's been about 5 months since we started testing Triage. There've been a fair number of hiccups, and there's still plenty of work to be done refining the criteria, but at this point I think the ...
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Disputed vs. helpful/declined flags

What does it mean when a flag is disputed? How is that different from being declined? I don't see a clear explanation for this in my flagging history, so just asking it here. Ironically, the first ...
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Triage ban for voting to close crap

I have over 3K helpful flags, according to my profile. Today, I'm banned from Triage due to 'too many declined flags.' Here is the topmost example of a question which I marked for closure in Triage ...
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Data on efficacy of triage

Is there data available on the results of the triage queue? I would be very interested in the number of questions that were once in triage and are now closed/deleted and for whatever reason. Are ...
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Is flagging off-topic stuff worthwhile, or just annoying?

I see a lot of flags I raise from the review queues for off-topic or poor questions being disputed: Example: This question is ...
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Why are my flags disputed?

How come these 2 flags are disputed? Is there something I'm not understanding? https://...
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Are raised flags during triage disputed if others disagree?

Today I performed the following triage review during which I flagged the question (being under 3,000 reputation points) as unsalvageable with the reason of opinion based. I noticed my flag was ...
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Auto-convert disputed flags when they prove to be correct

Having participated in clearing the Triage queues recently, I've found more and more that some of my flags end up being disputed. My first thought was that, just as people can disagree about votes on ...
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Flagged as Too Broad and got flag disputed on a deleted question

Today when I was reviewing Triage, I saw a poor question which I think couldn't be improved or at least it should be closed until OP's edit it as the question statement was too broad to answer. So I ...
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Link to a review in the review queue from the flag status page

So, say you flag an post as VLQ and it heads off to the review queue. A little while later, you head over to your flags to check the status and see that it is disputed. So, you go back to the answer ...
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Disable duplicate flagging in Triage

I have a rather daring proposal that may increase duplicate closure rates: disable both Duplicate entries in Triage Unsalvageable dialog. What could possibly motivate such a counter-intuitive idea? ...
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Standards for Low Quality Flag

I flagged the following two questions as low-quality after coming across them in the Help and Improvement review queue.

15 30 50 per page