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Status of removing the Excel-vba (and similar -vba) tags

Referring to this posting from Shog9 from 2018 and this request for a follow-up from 2019. Since Shog is gone, what is the status of implementing the removal of the -vba tags, as he had planned? ...
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Is this implication true: [excel] + [vba] => [excel-vba]? [duplicate]

Going through one of review queues I've noticed that one of StackOverflow users is making a lot of edits according to the following rule: If question is tagged with excel and vba, add excel-vba tag....
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Merging the [excel-vba] into [vba] - speak now, or forever hold your peace [duplicate]

The plan - two-month implementation timeline The biggest concern raised here was that splitting excel-vba would make it difficult to watch, as there's currently no support for watching/favoriting tag ...
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Are spreadsheet formulas on topic?

I've been closing questions tagged excel-formula that seem like "how do I do this in Excel?". Is that appropriate? Here is a short list recent of ones that I feel are off-topic. https://...
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Merry Go Round Situation

Scenario After previous changes, up until Jul 3 the excel Usage guidance was: Only for questions on complex formula development or VBA programming. Show your data together with the expected ...
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Duplicates dichotomy: [excel-vba] vs [excel] + [vba] [duplicate]

excel-vba means exactly the same as combining excel + vba. I cannot see which of them to use for Excel VBA programming questions. Maybe we should burninate the former as duplicate or something? ...
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What to do about [macros]?

This question was last asked about 2 years ago and it is still an issue. The wiki's both seem to have been updated, but the vast majority of people abusing this tag are new users (whom I can safely ...
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Let's handle the backlog of tag synonym suggestions

Problem As of the last Stack Exchange data dump, there were 750 pending tag synonym suggestions on Stack Overflow. Given that only 2,406 tag synonyms have been approved (see here for the breakdown at ...
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Is it improper to use the vba tag on application specific vba questions?

On the vba info page it says: More importantly, this tag is for VBA code that can be used in multiple Office applications. I see why this is, and tend to agree with it. However, that is not how ...
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Microsoft Office Programs Tag Prefix

The main tag for each Microsoft Office program is not consistent on its usage of the ms- prefix. For example: excel - Synonyms Link ms-excel is synonym-tag ms-word - Synonyms Link word is a ...
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How much retagging should one user undertake without community input?

After reading the recently posted meta post about a specific mass retagging instance, I wanted to circle back and address a broader question that didn't really seem like it was covered in the ...
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Synonymize / rename [excel-vba] and others to [excel-automation] / [excel-activex] / [excel-objects] / [excel-object-model]

The Microsoft object models for the various Office applications are language-agnostic; they can (generally1) be used equally well from any OLE-Automation-supporting language. Use of the API is the ...
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OK to fix Excel VBA tags programmatically instead of manually? [duplicate]

Is there any reason that existing questions that are tagged excel-vba should not be updated to also include tags excel and vba (if not already included)?       Users have made this edit manually to ...
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