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Did 'Edit Grace' period just fail on me? [duplicate]

I am aware that if you edit your answer after 5 minutes then the answer shows the edit history. I am also aware of the reasons mentioned in the thread Was the 5 minute edit grace period removed? ...
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Why did two edits 37 seconds apart not get treated as one? [duplicate]

I just made a pair of edits at I was surprised that I had to re-enter a reason, and then the review history shows that they were treated as ...
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Why did my edit become two edits? [duplicate]

I edited a question and saved it, and within less than two minutes, I edited and saved it again. I thought that edits within five minutes are conflated as one edit. However, the edits became separate ...
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Why do we have an edit grace period?

As I see it the purpose of the "grace period" (the period of time when you may edit your question/answer without said edit showing up in the reivision history) is to either: Reduce the clutter in the ...
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Is it possible for a question to be changed without any indication of an edit?

Going through the review queue for first posts, I have stumbled upon an unusual (for me) case. A question has two answers, both of which explain about a typo in the code. However, such code does not ...
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Allow flags to interrupt edit grace periods

We sometimes see spam tests and very different users post questions or answers consisting of garbage unreadable content (think "asdfasdf", among other trivialities). These posts are quickly caught by ...
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Could we please stop punishing answerers when questions get closed [duplicate]

So I've just been answering a question, and just as I'm finishing up my answer, I get the following pop up, and am unable to submit my answer. This question has been closed - no more answers will ...
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Should I be worried about a declined rude/abusive flag because the answer was edited within the grace period?

I have flagged an answer as rude/abusive, because it was really rude at the time I saw it. It was something like You are so stupid, if you can't figure out yourself. The answer was edited during the ...
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Can the 5 minute grace period cause data loss?

Apparently, if an extra edit happens less than 5 minutes after the previous edit, no new revision is created. Consider the scenario when a user asks a new long descriptive question, and a few seconds ...
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Edit grace period not applied

I just posted an answer and right after submitting it found a typo that I corrected. Usually, this should not create a new revision, but for some reason it did - why? I found Was the 5 minute edit ...
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