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Embarrassing questions should be moved under anonymous Stack Overflow Account as per OP will [duplicate]

I request the feature to move embarrassing questions asked by any one to Stack Overflow's personal account. Lets call that account stackoverflow or stackoverflow_user or anonymous or choose any other ...
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2018 Moderator Election Q&A - Questionnaire

In connection with the moderator elections, we are holding a Q&A thread for the candidates. Questions collected from an earlier thread have been compiled into this one, which shall now serve as ...
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Why was BalusC temporarily suspended from SO?

I hope this is the right place to ask this, but I was just browsing the JSF tag and saw BalusC, one of SO's top users, was banned. See Now I looked at the ...
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Transparency request: why was this user suspended for posting two (now deleted) questions to meta?

So, this guy just came to meta to complain about another user who allegedly used sock puppets to gain a considerable amount of rep. He posted one question to the main site with links to offending ...
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Disabling notifications for a question (it's 10 years old)

I have a question I asked 10 years ago, and I still get answers or comments periodically. How can I disable notifications for a single question like this one? PS: about answers and comments ...
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Can GDPR affect the structure of Stack Overflow?

According to Stack Overflow's rules, we can't delete our own questions and answers under some circumstances. Even we delete it, it won't delete permanently as I know. As I understand about GDPR, ...
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What is the proper route for a disassociation request?

I have a question that I asked a couple of years ago, that didn't go down too well (it is too specific and is extremely unlikely to help others, even if the upvotes on the answers say otherwise). I ...
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How can I quit using Stack Overflow?

I am spending most of my time on Stack Overflow, earning reputation and badges. This is causing me to be late on some of my tasks. How I can stop using Stack Overflow?
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Old, pure-opinion question -- shall we delete it? from 2008 asks [my paraphrasing:] Kids these days, amirite? and has all the answers you might expect. It ...
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You have already deleted 5 of your own posts today; further deletes are blocked

I'll often hit this when deleting my own redundant or zero-upvote answers. It happens frequently that two users will simultaneously answer the question with essentially the same answer, no point in ...
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Number of posts edited reduced

I had been keeping track of the "Posts Edited" count on the activity tab as there is a badge award at the 80 mark (not a big deal). I passed this some weeks ago but noticed that the count is now at 78,...
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Destroying possibly good content for high acceptance rate

So recently I came accross this data query: Users with highest accept rate of their answers I noticed that the top results here have an incredible high acceptance rate, one of them even having a 100% ...
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"I've thought better of my QUESTION" message when deleting an ANSWER

When deleting my sixth answer on a given day I am presented with the following message (emphasis mine): You have already deleted 5 of your own posts today; further deletes are blocked. See "I've ...
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Remove the limit on deletions for old zero vote posts

Inspired by the new profile page, I was attempting to clean up some cruft. Deleting my old answers (more than 30 days old) with no votes (up or down) and other answers. But there is a limit of 5 ...
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Why should I get downvoted if I don't get editorial control?

I answered a question a while ago on a Stack Exchange site, maybe Webmasters. Recently it was transferred to Stack Overflow - which has a totally different user base. (I'm not going to link the ...
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