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Should friendly language and remarks be removed from answers? [duplicate]

Stack Overflow has often been characterized as a challenging platform to contribute to, sometimes seen as unfriendly. This notion has been ameliorated with a new Code of Conduct that includes ...
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Editing questions to remove "thank you in advance" after reaching 2k reputation [duplicate]

Will it be okay to remove "thank you" or "Hi, I am computer science student..."-like invocations from the question header/footer after reaching 2k reputation? I saw threads on Meta about it, and the ...
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Would a note about preferred pronouns qualify the same way as a "thank you"?

I've seen that the community has agreed that "thank you" should be removed from questions: Auto Remove “Thanks in Advance” No Thanks, Damn It! Would (my preferred pronouns are she/her) qualify as ...
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Should I remove 'fluff' (like greetings, signatures, "thanks", etc.) when editing questions?

When I edit questions I typically focus on style, grammar, and spelling. However, in the process I often also remove 'fluff' like: This may be simple but, ... or Can you help me with this? I ...
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What do I do about receiving an offensive email from another user on Stack Overflow?

So, this is a little bit odd, and I've been confused if I should have this question here, or not; however I'm going ahead, posting it, after reading multiple related questions about editing posts on ...
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A moderator messaged me that my edits which only remove "thanks" and alike are discouraged

There are threads here (thread 1 and thread 2) already but in my opinion it needs further discussion. It is discouraged, but not a punishable violation? I can remember when I didn't have the ...
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Are my edits needless?

Two days ago I came across a question where the OP had added an answer into the question itself, so I simply removed the answer from the question and pasted it into a new community wiki answer. I ...
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Reviewer overboard! Or a request to improve the onboarding guidance for new reviewers in the suggested edits queue

Given the number of bad reviews in the Suggested Edits review queue (the problem that has been plaguing the queue since its inception, worsened these days by the queue being close to the threshold of ...
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Can we have an official statement regarding greetings, salutations etc. please?

I've participated once in a discussion regarding removing greetings, salutations and thanks from SO posts here. Another discussion took place on Meta here. Both accepted answers and their votes seem ...
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How can we encourage (new) authors to ask confident questions?

Introduction I've been thinking recently about a broad category of question edits that I often make. I'm interested in how some kinds of chatty (and excisable) material inadvertently create a ...
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Is it acceptable to put "if you have any questions or something wasn't right just let me know" in my answers? [duplicate]

I've sort of gotten into the habit of putting something like "If you have any questions, or something wasn't what you wanted, let me know! I'm open to criticism!" at the end of my answers. I ...
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Is it acceptable to have 'thanks' in an article?

This Stack Exchange Meta question asks the question whether we should remove 'hi', 'thanks' and other salutations from posts. The general view of the community has always been to remove greetings and ...
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Title Case Title Edit Suggestions

I recently across this user's recently suggested edits. I notice that most of the submissions are merely converting the titles of questions to title cases. While they do have a few edits where they'...
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Do we have guidance for first time askers not perceiving themselves as programmers?

I know that we have some guidance for first-time askers, but do we have something for "non-programmers"? I have found a lot of questions about google-sheets, google-apps-script and other ...
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Should I answer my own question in second person or in first person?

I was answering my own question Q&A-style ( posting both together) and ended up writing a phrase that was similar to this: Your problem was in X Should I have written it as: My problem was ...
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Is it acceptable to bookmark user-specific searches in order to target improvements on those users? [duplicate]

As some regular readers may know, I am a fairly committed editor on Stack Overflow. One of my main edit styles is to trim chatty/fluff material, so that (a) readers do not have to wade through ...
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Should we use “Any kind of help will be appreciable” in a question? [duplicate]

Many people write Any kind of help will be appreciable in their questions. Is this allowable according to Stack Overflow policies and community? Should we remove this phrase from the question?
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What is the purpose of making trivial edits to closed questions?

I've noticed recently that the "Reopen" queue on SO is overflowing (no pun intended) with questions brought there by some trivial edits, e.g. this Normally, if such an edit came up in the suggested ...
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Archaeologist rewarding abusive edit behavior again

So a user just went and searched for "Thanks in advanced" and bumped dozens of questions to the front page. Nothing else was fixed, and this included unsalvageable off-topic questions. Could one of ...
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Why has my "good" edit, that fixed a significant number of issues, been rejected?

Today, I went to check my all actions tab to see what I did so far. I saw that one of my edits got rejected. As far as I see, the reason for rejecting my edit is "The edit does not improve the ...
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How am I supposed to get good votes?

When I'm asking a question, it's because I don't know the answer. But what shall I do if everything I ask because I don't know the answer gets downvoted? I never get upvotes on my questions, but what ...
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Is there a route of appeal for edits made by a moderators?

A question I submitted was edited by another user removing an explanatory first paragraph of the post. I didn't care for the edit, and I rolled it back, only to see it re-applied shortly by the same ...
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Remove "please help" from the end of bodies [closed]

A few beginner questions are like this: title: can anyone help me body: i have a few problems with this code: <code here> please help. thank you, name here As pointed out by this Meta post, ...
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What is the preferred flag for "Thanks for your answer" comments?

I frequently come across comments in the form of something like this: Thanks for your answer. - someUser27 15 mins ago What is the correct flag to use for these sorts of comments? not ...
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Are edits acceptable that remove "bias" from answers?

I was reviewing this suggested edit by another user. The editor is attempting to make the answer less biased by completely removing part of the answer. Original answer: Of course they can see what ...
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Does this edit improve or add something to the question?

I submitted an edit to this question. Then, another user made another edit on top of mine (I am completely cool with that, obviously). But I have checked the edit to see what I had missed, and I found ...
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How to encourage people to use linebreaks and periods?

I wonder why people do not use line breaks and periods. I see many long paragraphs and sentences using commas. Some posts are really hard to follow and require (lots of/some) post-editing to ...
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Please help me understand how to improve my question

The following question which I posted was closed because it is an "opinion-based". So, I modified it to be a question about best practice according to users experience. It is still blocked. ...
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Valuable content being deleted [duplicate]

I was just reading No Thanks, Damn It!. This meta question covers the expected style with regards to salutations, thanks, as well as other decorations and/or embellishments that add a human touch to ...
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Expressing feelings about closure of a question at the top of the post

What happens if I post a question on Stack Overflow and start it with stuff like, I'm afraid this question may be probably closed! Because the program that I'm going to make is really nonsense, ...
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Someone stole my edit, should anything be done about it?

The other day one of my edits was rejected: [unless you're on a 4k monitor or something, you'll have to enlarge the image] On the left is my rejected failure of an edit, rejected by Community and "...
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Some comments don't get deleted automatically/immediately on flagging

Some comments like "@username, thankyou" don't get deleted immediately on flagging them as NLN. Is it because it's "thankyou" and not "thank you"? Can such comments be ...
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Why was my recent question received so much worse than this very similar older question? [duplicate]

I recently posted, which was closed and downvoted. I got a lot of comments that I thought were ...
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Someone edited my answer seemingly to promote their own; what action should I take?

If someone edits my answer, and rather than improving it (from my perspective), only appears to purposely promote their own answer, what action should I take?
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"Thanks in advance" - Automatically hint user

"Hi" and "Thanks in advance" or "Cheers, Martin" are so common among beginners, it's astonishing! Taking the tour or reading how to ask questions before posting here is ...
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Would you like an employee to delete these filtered "thank you" comments?

Delete comments that were posted prior to 2015 and contain the text "thank" (so picks up both "thanks" and "thank you") are less than 25 characters in length (filters out comments that may contain "...
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The "send" button in chat is super tiny

I am a new user, just got the chat privilege- And I noticed that that "send" button could use some enlarging. I tried with different screen sizes, but that button remained tiny. I tried ...
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Is there a way to prevent another user from editing your question if you disagree with their edits?

I requested that a question of mine be deleted yesterday, because another user had edited my question so much that it was no longer useful and was missing all context (although the user that did the ...
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I have a screenshot that I think is from a software package. Would it be appropriate to post it in the hope that someone can identify it? [duplicate]

It's from a rules-engine I believe, so would tag it appropriately.
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Need option to reject Thank you edits [closed]

As per: Should 'Hi', 'thanks', taglines, and salutations be removed from posts? No Thanks, Damn It! Polite salutations are expected to be removed (edited) / rejected (as edit). ...
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On Stack Overflow, would flagging a bunch of un-needed comments found via SEDE be helpful? [duplicate]

This is a follow-up from this question. Tl;dr: Q: Is flagging and removing manually a bunch of unneeded thank-you comments as found by a SEDE query OK? A: Generally, but make sure it makes sense for ...
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Mass editing questions, but some of them are closed

I seen yesterday this meta discussion: No Thanks, Damn It! It encouraged "serial-editing" (not sure if it's proper term) questions that should be edited. Especially there was hundreds of "thanks in ...
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Automatically block obvious "thank you" comments from being posted [duplicate]

I noticed that comments like "What have you tried?" are blocked from being posted, but "thank you very much" / "this works for me" comments are not blocked (and are found ...
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Is starting an answer with "Welcome to Stack Overflow" discouraged? [duplicate]

I posted this answer on a question asked by a new Stack Overflow user. Since the Stack Overflow user was new, I decided to start my answer with “Welcome to Stack Overflow!”. However, my answer was ...
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How to deal with serial minor edits [duplicate]

I recently came across this user in the Suggested Edits queue. The user keeps making helpful suggested edits, but they all remove a "thanks in advance" comment and don't fix any of the other ...
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General guidance on editing questions, and some specific cases I have questions about [duplicate]

I now have the right to review edits to questions. I’d really like to help to improve question quality, and I want to do it The Right Way. I don’t wish to provide opinion as to what edits I should ...
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Lower the character limit for 'thank you' comments [duplicate]

I'd love to comment a simple 'Thank You' to a well-thought-out answer. But the character minimum is 15, which means I have to type this: Thank you for your time and cooperation, it was greatly ...
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Validity of edits made to questions [duplicate]

I am curious as to the motivation behind some edits made, also so that I can ask better questions from scratch. For example, I made a question where someone edited a name of a software from matlab to ...
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Why is text in the question body removed when removing punctuation? [duplicate]

I just came by this question: React - Infinity Loop when updating a state inside useEffect function with dependency array First thing I did was try to remove the initial dot from the body content, but ...
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Edit plains my answer

I created the answer below using bold for things I wanted to emphasize. Then NobodyNada edited my answer and made it plain and removed my personal style of the answer. ("Hope that helps :)") Why the ...