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Review audits exploitable (able to see real review stats before voting on the review) [duplicate]

While reviewing I came across a well formatted question, which had: Our system has identified this post as possible spam; please review carefully. Being a well formatted 0 score question I thought ...
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Comments timestamps can give away a review audit [duplicate]

I just got this review audit in the Triage queue. This is what it looked like before I clicked anything: The votes have been removed and the question timestamp reset to hide its audit status, but ...
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Reviewing posts: easy test exploit [duplicate]

When I was reviewing other's Late Answers and First Posts, I found that when a 'test' post opens up, and when I click on 'edit', it says: "You cannot edit deleted post" (or something like this). So in ...
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The "New Contributor" banner is making review audits easier [duplicate]

When I was going through the review queue for First Posts, I noticed that all of the user badges had the "New Contributor" banner, of course. But for audits that the users actually aren't new, the ...
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Are review audits supposed to say they're audits? [duplicate]

While going through the Triage queue, I came across this little "gem" (link to audit task, provided by rene in the comments). Feeling a bit bemused, I decided to leave a snarky comment before ...
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TimeTravelingTriageTests [duplicate]

I received this audit in Triage just now! It says that the question was asked today, just 6 minutes ago to boot'. The comments show that they were posted on April 13th, which was 14 days ago. I ...
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Are audits that can be spotted "robotically" detrimental to the goal of audits? [duplicate]

There are ways to quickly identify audits. One that I've hit a bunch of times is to use a filter; Stack Overflow has handled this two ways. The old way was to just have a "review" that didn't match ...
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Foreshadowing of suggested edit audits [duplicate]

When the system gives you an audit in Suggested Edits, one of those vandalism-type edits, it’s really obvious that you’re going to get one of those, because it takes several seconds for it to come up, ...
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Very obvious Late Answer Review Audit [duplicate]

I got this audit today in the Late Answer review queue: It immediately screamed "AUDIT!!!!" at me, because the answerer has 1370 reputation, and ...
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Zero answers but accepted is "yes" [duplicate]

Below is a screenshot of an audit in Triage. If you look at the circled info in the right hand column, you'll see that the audit claims that the question has zero answers but has an accepted one. ...
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Review audits need to be picked better [duplicate]

I just failed an audit, because I voted to close a very short-looking question. This question is c++, but I filtered it with discord.js. As usual, it showed the discord.js tag along with the other ...
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Review audits ignore filters [duplicate]

I was reviewing and set the filter to questions only. I then received an answer to review, which turned out to be an audit. Audits seem to bypass filters, so if you receive something that your ...
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Review audits load more slowly than other review items, making them obviously audits [duplicate]

Over the last several days, whenever the system decides it's time to quiz me the retrieval of the audit question/posts takes between 3 to 10 seconds to load - making them rather easy to spot and ...
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Triage Audit: Bug or Feature? [duplicate]

I had this in the Triage Review Queue today. I've been around here for some months now, so I know that if Frank N. Stein says it's SPAM then it's just that. Even although I have read "Brand-new triage ...
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One more interesting review bug [duplicate]

I just saw one interesting moment when was reviewing late answers: Usually if I see there are another answers I press at it to read and to compare with this new one. If there is no any answer (this ...
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