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Should I be concerned about delete reviews on reasonable but brief answers? [duplicate]

I've been watching the Low Quality Posts review queue to see whether feeding "not an answer" flags into there would cause any problems. For the most part, that review queue seems to be working quite ...
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Why was I suspended for this review? [duplicate]

I noticed that I have been suspended for a few hours, but I don't understand why. Your review on wasn't helpful; please review the ...
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Which reason would I use to recommend deletion of an obsolete answer in Low Quality Posts? [duplicate]

When recommending a Low Quality Post for deletion, these are your options: However, there are many times in which none of these reasons really correspond to the reason for which you would recommend ...
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What to do about pointless* answers? [duplicate]

*By pointless I mean that the answer does nothing to improve upon the accepted answer. I came across this post in the Low Quality queue and it basically says the same thing as the accepted answer ...
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Low Quality, but still an answer [duplicate]

I was just browsing the Low Quality Posts review. As far as I can see, a lot of the posts in that review queue are: Really terrible answers One line of code with no explanation Code that does not ...
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Code only answers in the LQPQ that are wrong [duplicate]

So, I came upon a situation I feel is a bit weird, hence I want to ask for clarification. The Low Quality Post queue gave me this answer to review. By coincidence, I had already seen it about an hour ...
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Low Quality Post Review Queue Options [duplicate]

I recently gained access to the Low Quality Posts Review Queue. I was reviewing an answer, and the answer seemed like it was a good answer. Then I read the comments, and the person who posted the ...
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Does it matter that short answers are often mistaken for comments? [duplicate]

When reviewing Low Quality Posts, I often see short answers that have been voted for deletion with the "This does not provide an answer to the question" comment selected. Sometimes they really aren't ...
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Am I doing Low Quality Post reviews incorrectly? [duplicate]

I've recently been using the review consensus script to see whether my Stack Overflow reviews agree with those of other reviewers, and I noticed that I'm generally matching consensus except for in the ...
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What do you do if a post is low quality; doesn't really warrant deletion [duplicate]

I was reviewing a post tonight that was not a helpful answer at all IMO. What do you guys do if the post doesn't fully answer an OP's question? I don't want to say "Looks Ok" as it really isn't, would ...
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The Low quality answers queue, I use "Looks good" for attempts that are incorrect? [duplicate]

It would help me to know what I should have chosen (Looks Ok or Recommend Deletion) assuming I chose to not skip nor edit these two posts: This is first example I’d choose looks ok, but chose skip. It ...
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"This is commentary on another post, not an answer" - Misleading/overly-specific [duplicate]

UPDATE 5: Apparently there IS no option or merit in actually deleting a post that simply doesn't unambiguously answer the question. The proper response is to down vote such an answer (according to ...
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Should a really bad answer be deleted? [duplicate]

When reviewing "low quality" postings I was pointed to the single answer over here. The answer has already 6 downvotes; and is wrong to the bone. But it is an answer. And I got ban-educated-...
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What should I do with 'just bad posts' when reviewing for low quality posts [duplicate]

Sometimes I meet an answer or a question which intention is clear, which is not link only answers or comment, but I personally think is not good answer (for example provides bad solution) or question. ...
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How do I address answers that are short and low quality, but could potentially be the right answer? [duplicate]

I recently gained access to the LQ posts review queue and I came across this answer: It's just a single sentence. add wp_head before tag. if missing. ...
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